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Annual Report 2014

River Rock Church Philippines
Year End Report 2014

Greetings to all who follow and support River Rock Church Philippines and our ministry to Filipinos.

Thank you so very much for your prayers and financial support this year. Our Lord has blessed our partnership for this mission and ministry to Filipinos.
We are praying you will consider us in your end of year giving. We also pray you will consider supporting and continue to support us in 2015. Together we will start many churches, multitudes will be saved and families and lives will be restored and blessed, we pray.

This has been a productive year! Thank you Lord!
• Added four more churches for a total of 23 RRCP churches. We are now twelve churches with buildings and eleven house churches. Thank you Lord!
• Completed the distribution of Typhoon Yolanda Aid. The many blessings from the donations are available at the end of this report.
• We completed all the repairs on our home from Typhoon Yolanda damage.
• Completed construction of Victory Christian Church Sugnod. Thank you Lord!
• VCC Sugnod has a new pastor, Willer Jun Manares, wife Diane and their two boys.
• Three awesome Youth retreats.
• Almost finished constructing two new churches in Buenavista tribal area, Palawan and Barangay Magdalena, Anini-y.
• RRCP Third Annual National Convention was a success.
• Two Christian radio programs continue.
• Our churches have grown to a combined attendance of 1,200 plus.
• Started our new pilot program CCC (Children’s Care Center) to tutor and feed 68 elementary school children most in need. These children are clarified as “severely malnourished” who are behind in school. If this program is successful, we will be able to offer it nationwide with the help government funding. The elementary teachers have noted a remarked improvement in health, academics and behavior with the children.
• RRCP became a certified Philippines NGO (Non-Government Organization).
• New RRCP website: http://www.riverrockchurchphilippines.com/
• Our nine churches on the island of Palawan have become their own region. We are now two regions of Palawan and Panay. We pray to add the Luzon or Mindoro Region in 2015, Lord willing!
• Fruit of our Labor in the Lord 70 baptisms

Personal note
Our family is well. I’m almost adjusted to the climate. The climate has been a big and slow adjustment for me. I’m happy to say I’m about 80% adjusted. Thank you Lord! Steven is enjoying 7th grade. High School begins at grade seven. Juliana is well. She is in her element here. She manages our home, farm, and has taken a leadership role with Grace Chapel. I’m happy to say her gift is administration.

We finished repairing and remolding our home that is old. Typhoon Yolanda took part of our roof and now we have a new roof. It is beautiful home! Thank you Lord and everyone who helped.

A Year of Writing
I completed my book GET UP! GOD IS NOT FINISHED WITH YOU! It was three years in the making. We pray it will be available before Easter 2015 published by Xulon Press and available through Amazon.com, Barns & Noble (www.bn.com), iBook’s and 71,000 outlets. Thank you Lord!

Pastor Alagos and I started a co-authored book The Enemy is Roaring ~ The Lord is Blessing. Both books and articles are about our lives and ministries in the Philippines.

Published four articles.
• The Enemy is Roaring, and the Lord is Blessing! http://articles.faithwriters.com/reprint-article-details.php?article=30385 
• The Worst of Sinners ~ The Best of Grace and Mercy http://articles.faithwriters.com/reprint-article-details.php?article=30385 - Also will be published in the 2015 book Trails and Triumphs II by Xulon Pres
• Trust In the Lord http://www.faithwriters.com/article-details.php?id=171471 
• Experiencing Poverty http://www.faithwriters.com/article-details.php?id=170592

Our Sponsors and Donors
• River Rock Church – Camas, WA.
• Grace Chapel - RRCP Partners
• Imbler Christian Church - Imbler, OR.
• Christ Church of the Valley - Phoenix, AZ.
• Filipino-American Faith Baptist Church – Houston, TX.
• Shepherds for the Savior
• Nancy Elizabeth Landahl Memorial Fund
• International Disaster Emergency Service, Inc. I.D.E.S.
• Ted-Dee Bear Septic

Typhoon Yolanda Aid Report
In the first week of November 2013 Typhoon Haiyan or commonly known as Yolanda hit the Philippines. It was a Category 5 Super Typhoon. This was the most power storm in modern history. Power was not restored for much of the Philippines until March through May 2014.

Our 18 church are, for the most part, in rural areas that the government cannot reach. These areas report that they have never been reached for help from any disaster. Our churches supplied the first help they have ever had.

The blessings were distributed through our 18 churches. Food is distributed from each church and pastors facilitate the buying and delivering of material to the homes needing repair. The only requirement for Aid was need not church membership.

We have completed the blessing for years 2013 and 2014.

• Fed 900 families or approximately 6000 people 35,000 pounds of rice and other foods
• Repaired or rebuilt 250 homes.
• Repaired 4 churches.
• Repaired 3 pastor’s homes.
• Medical aid for many families.
• All 18 churches distributed clothing, household items, blankets and toys.

Aid Impact
• The number one response is "no one has ever helped us before."
• We are providing the resources and the church and community are working together to help each other.
• Many are amazed that a church would help people outside of their congregation.
• Our churches have more than doubled in attendance.
• People are coming to hear the Gospel that never heard before.
• Both the unchurched and dechurched are coming to church and listening.
• This impact will be long lasting. It has changed the relationship of the church and community forever.
• Strongholds are disappearing and doors are opening.
• It has set an example for other churches and many responded.
• 60 Baptisms.

This ministry is a partnership of you all who support us with prayers and donations, and those of us here who are the hands and feet of your blessings. Thank you Lord, we know that those who give and those who work can do nothing without the blessing from You Lord to all of us to make it all possible. Amen!

How to Support RRCP

ONLINE DONATIONS: http://www.river-rock.org/giving.html

  • Create an account if you have not already.
    • Use the Operation Philippines drop down and proceed.


  • River Rock Church 3520 NE 3rd Ave, Camas, WA 98607.
    • Make the check to River Rock Church Philippines
      “The King will answer and say to them,
      ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them,
      you did it to Me.’ (Matthew 25:45).


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Plant new Christian churches in the remote Barangays where there is no other church that serve their communities. 

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Pastor Alejo F. Alagos

Pastor Alejo F. Alagos

My Partner in the RRCP Ministry

President River Rock Church Philippines (RRCP) Inc.

Lead Pastor RRCP

Pastor of RRCP Grace Chapel and RRCP Tabernacle of Praise


RRCP Evangelist

DepEd Principle 1

Pastor Alejo F. Alagos has been a Pastor for 28 years. In that time he has planted more than 35 new churches. The last 8 church plants were for RRCP.

Steve's Story

Pastor Steven Ray Bragg

Serving our Lord in the Philippines

 This is my Testimony and how we got started. (3 minutes)