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Childrens Care Center

Childrens Care Center (CCC)

August 4, 2014

This is the birthing of a new ministry from heart of Pastor Alejo Alagos and our Lord Jesus Christ. You have been reading about it on my Facebook page but now you'll hear it from pastor Alagos heart!

Generous hearts have stepped forward to support this ministry. THANK YOU!


Month ago, as I sat on my office at first hour in the morning first day of the week, two parents came with tears in their eyes. They can hardly spoke because of the heaviness OF their heart for their two children were candidates for dropping because of their absences, tardiness and very low academic performance in the school. I have given my time to listen to their confession about their situation. The first parent is a widow and the one have many children that they cannot feed regularly and most of the time they ate one meal a day. After the conversation I scanned their records and to my surprise they were one among the severe malnourish children of our school. I can't hold my tears so I began to pray..."Lord Can I be your instrument to these hungry and least children so that they may know that you care for them? For what purpose that you put me in this office if I will don't mind them? In this campus they address me Pastor and yet I can't even touch their lives in a holistic way?... They need to see You through me because when I mention your name to them they cannot understand and feel your love!!

This prayer really broke my heart for God's kingdom are really for people like them. So my mind begun to visualized many things and for three sleepless night I was able to come-up with the ministry namely: "Children's Care Center"(CCC).

The Vision are the following:

VISION: Children's Care Center is intentionally committed to love and reach-out the least among the children in the community and cater their basic academic, health, moral and spiritual needs so that they will become physically, emotionally and spiritually strong and God-fearing individual and a productive citizen of the society ever ready to respond to the call of service for their community.

MISSION: Children Care Center will provide temporary shelter for the children to love and care by generating activities and resources that would cater their basic academic, health, moral and spiritual needs.

1. Improve academic performance of the least among the children in the elementary grade on the following areas: Reading comprehension skills in English to Mother Tongue, Reviving Elementary Mathematics focusing on its four fundamental operations, Health Education with elementary science integration, feeding program and values formation for moral recovery.
2. Reduced malnourished children by providing them nutritious meal during their sessions.
3. Be a help to the Department of Education in their programs leading to the reduction of the drop-out and failure rate and increase the participation rate of the school.
4. Becoming an arm of the government on moral recovery, value formation and Children's Protection Programs.

The sessions will be done every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

MY THOUGHT IS THIS: "If the adults of our present generation will not respond to the call for transformation, then we will start with our children today so that together we can make a difference to the coming generation".

With the help of my beloved friend Pastor Steve, just this week many people from RRC-USA have responded to this program, THANK YOU LORD, WE REALLY SERVE AND AWESOME GOD. As we assessed, we are almost ready to start the program, please pray for us that before the start of September we can raise the exact amount to cover the finances for the entire program from September 2014 to March 2015.


God's grace is so abundant. Amen, amen!!


Your partners in this ministry to Filipinos,

Pastors Steve Bragg & Alejo Alagos


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