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God's Presence

In the Lord’s Almighty Presence I Stand

But Elijah said, "I swear by the Lord Almighty, in whose presence I stand…” (1 Kings 18:15) 

I usually read my Bible at night for encouragement and prayer. I’m listening to God as I read praying He will talk to me, feed my spirit, my soul. Most days I read God’s word for study and answers but, at night just before I go to bed I like to read just to hear God talk. My problem is sometimes I’m just so tired, or done for the day, or I forget. As a result, I wonder why I feel all alone. Something always happens to jog me back, and then I’m on track again. I’ve come to know there is a difference between study and listening to God, my Lord God Almighty I call Him. He is the Mighty God of my life. He is also my Creator, The Lord God Almighty and my Father.

This one of these times when I felt alone, and remembered to start read God’s Word again.

My reading for inspiration is generally through the Bible. This time, I was at 1 Kings 18. When I got to verse 15, God spoke loud and clear. When Elijah was just about to face the 450 prophets of Baal. He said he was standing in the presence of Mighty God. It wasn’t the fact that Elijah was about to face the 450 prophets of Baal that spoke to me. What spoke to me was Elijah said he was in the very presence of The Lord God Almighty.

Wow, think of it, could you stand in the very presence of God, THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY - THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH? My first thought of standing in His presence was scary. For the moment, I could understand Elijah there, but had trouble with seeing me there.

Then God spoke to my heart. You are in my presence, Steve. You are my son, and I love you. My Son, your Lord Jesus, died for you. He paid your price of punishment. I always see you through the righteousness of my Son, Jesus. He has made you perfect before Me. You have nothing to fear. I am with you every day and every moment. I am with you always. There is never a moment you are alone. You are my child. You are My precious child, and I AM your FATHER, THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. You stand and walk and breathe and live in My presence. You shall not fear, but those who stand against you; those who come against you must fear. Even the evil one must fear because I AM your LORD GOD ALMIGHTY AND your FATHER.

I know all this to be true. I have read it all in the Bible before, and God has proven this to me over and over. But I needed to hear it again. God knew He needed to tell me how much He loves me once more.

Each day I tell my son how much I love him and each day we need to hear how much our Father loves us.

Are you reading your Bible every day?

Do you have a specific time every day you talk to God your Father and LISTEN?

I need to be more faithful, how about you?


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