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July 2015 Blessings Report

My Dear RRCP Partners,

We have received a tremendous blessing from River Rock Church America. They are now financially supporting the ministry here. Always many RRC individuals have supported us and still do - thank you all! This new support from RRC itself is specifically to help with pastor allowances and hire new pastors. It is also for new church buildings. What a great blessing!

In praise of our pastors, they work hard with very little pay. Each pastor’s family understands the sacrifice and cost. If they can feed and clothe their children and send them to school they are quite happy. Often times, regular fasting is a way of life. Most of our pastors, when available, work other jobs, plant gardens and raise chickens or pigs to support their families. Work is not easy to find here. Four walls made of bamboo and no leaks in the roof is another blessings. They truly understand the need to save their people through the spreading of the Gospel. They are willing to pay the price and their families are willing also. They work tirelessly with no complaint and only continuous praise to our Lord. They are excited and eager to serve the Lord. The new Incentive Pay Program provided by RRC will help them support their families and stabilized them for the future of RRCP.

More Blessings

• We just completed the construction of church and parsonage in Barangay Anini-y. The church started as a house church one year ago. Already their youth meetings are 18-20 students. The average Sunday worship is about 50 including all ages. This church is busy starting two more house churches. Pastor Lachica lets no grass grow under his feet. Three of our 24 churches are fruits of his and wife Teodora’s labor. The money for the Anini-y church is from Shepherds of the Savior Foundation.

  • We finished the construction of the Buenavista Tribal Church on the island of Palawan. This church building was funded by First Baptist Church of Phoenix Foundation.

• We are nearly complete with construction the Hill of Zion church. They recently started a new house church in Salaguiwan. The Hill of Zion church building is the result of the RRC donations.
• When Hill of Zion is complete we start the construction of Barangbang. We are completing the land donation papers now. They currently worship in a bamboo church that is no longer adequate. This is also from the RRC donations.
• This last week we started the construction of the Maranat church building. This one was also a house church for one year that has grown to a large congregation. The land was donated by the host family of the house church. It’s placed along a beautiful river where we recently baptized 7 from this congregation. We also baptized 12 here last year. We are considering to call it the Riverside Church RRCP. This church is the result of a donation from the First Baptist Church of Phoenix Foundation.
• We just started two more house churches here near Grace Chapel. Both have had three meetings. They are Minoro and Padang. Padang is held in a rented venue twice a month at Villa Alma. There were 68 in attendance for Padang this last service! We are not ready to add them to the count of RRCP, but they are very promising.
• There have been four deaths in the past month of people outside the church. We held services for each and the Lord is blessings our efforts to proclaim His Gospel.
• We have a new experienced pastor being mentored by pastors Lachica and JoJo. We certainly have room for him and more like him.
• As a result of RRC new donations, we just promoted Pastor JoJo to Regional Pastor with oversight of the island of Panay. We are 14 churches here and growing. One of his responsibilities is the oversight of new church construction on Panay. Because of Pastor JoJo’s oversight, the Hill of Zion church is coming in under budget.
• Pastor Stephen is the new Regional Pastor of the island of Palawan which is currently 10 churches. Already the construction of the Maranat church is ahead of schedule. Praise God and thank you RR.
• Our application is submitted at Shepherds for the Savior to construct a church in the tribal community of Maryogon. There is land available, at an extremely discounted price, if we are approved. We are praying for an approval this month.


Just finished RRCP Anini-y – ready for our logo



Buenavista Tribal Church on the island of Palawan.



Construction of our Hill of Zion Church in Maracrina, Patnongon Antique



Breaking Ground to Construct our new RRCP in Maranat, Palawan



Our First Worship Service for Padang, Patnogon Antique



New Children's Feeding Program for Minoro, Apgahan, Patnongon Antique


Thank you Lord!


Thank you everyone and blessings!

Your partner in ministry,

Pastor Steve Bragg


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