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Report June 2013

River Rock Church Philippines, Inc. (RRCP)

June 26, 2013  

 Pastor Alejo F. Alagos      

By Pastor Alejo F. Alagos    President



"To God Be the Glory for All that He hath done"


Therefore, because I have heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all the saints,

I never stop giving thanks for you as I mention you in my prayers.
Ephesians 1:15-16



We currently have River Rock Church Philippines in Barangay’s Dacutan, Franks/Mabasa, Igbarawan, Macarina, Esparar, Sugnod, Barbaza, Santa Lourdes and Tagumpay Palawan. We have house churches in Magarang & Candelaria. We also currently we have churches in Fellowship in San Ramiro, Belison and Sipac. Thank you Lord, May we bring only to you Lord Jesus praise and Glory.

Grace Chapel - Sitio Dacutan

Grace Chapel was the first church constructed after Grace Chapel Ministries came to birth with Pastor/RRC Elder Steve Bragg. It was in 2006 when we first meet during the dedication of the Grace Chapel and since then Pastor Steve Supported my Radio Program “The Intercessors Hour” at Radio Natin 90.5 FM which will be heard by more or less 200,000 people. This program became number one in central Antique and many denominations uses the program to start contacts and build cell group and bible studies. I pastored Grace Chapel for several years and the Lord is doing great because people who migrated to other Island from Grace Chapel started a bible studies like in the case of Mindoro we have already contact there. Others go to Manila and Mindanao and same thing happened.

"But among them were some men from Cyprus and Cyrene, who came to Antioch and began proclaiming the Lord Jesus even to the Hellenistic Jews. The hand of the Lord was with them, and a large number of people believed and turned to the Lord. When the church in Jerusalem heard this news, they sent Barnabas all the way to Antioch. When he arrived, he rejoiced to see what the grace of God had done, and with hearty determination he kept encouraging all of them to remain faithful to the Lord. For he was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and faith. And so a large number of people was brought to the Lord. Then Barnabas left for Tarsus to look for Saul. When he found him, he brought him to Antioch, and for a whole year they were guests of the church and taught many people. It was in Antioch that the disciples were first called Christians.” Acts 11:20-26

Amen! Although Grace Chapel’s growth in number was minimal, but it produces quality fruits because out of this simple and humble ministry, many churches were planted. This is really a New Testament Church, Praise God! That’s why on August 2011 despite of so many opposition and unfavorable circumstances, the Lord finally opened the door for my Friend Pastor Steve to come in the Philippines and so River Rock Church Philippines was organized and recognized by the government as a church, with a vision to plant churches that serves their community in the different islands. Pastor Steve with my help as his interpreter begun to teach Grace Chapel in series and people have a big lift on their spiritual growth, Glory to the name of Jesus!. Presently Grace Chapel were Pastored by Pastor Steve and Pastor Jojo.

Tabernacle of Praise - Barangay Igbarawan

Tabernacle of Praise Christian Center at Igbarawan, Patnongon, Antique, was launched on November 2007 after knowing that 100 percent of the people were listening to my Radio Program and besides the people itself pleading us to come to build a church. One family there the Ungsod family donated their house for the Lord and we temporarily squat at their lot at Mabasa. Many friends donated some amount for the renovation and attached therewith was a small parsonage for my family to live in all are made of bamboos, steel and Nipa roof. After the bamboo church completed, we begun to declare daily prayer that God will provide a lot and building for us and praise God one of our friend who is the assemblies of God donated money for the purchased of lot and construction of the building and on October 2010 everything was completed and we were overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving to God for such great blessings and reward for our labor for the Lord.

Sad story came because when the building was erected in a very nice location right beside the national highway, it became an attraction to some - so persecution and false issues came to me so that I will be unworthy for them to hold the church. Unexpected circumstances came in on January 2012 for as I was having extra work in the bakery making bread to make some money, the oven exploded so I have a second and third degree burn all my face, arms and breast. Following month March our youngest son Joshua met a motorcycle accident having bone fracture and 20 stitches wound. On June 2012 after those heartbreaking persecution and issues I decided to walk out from the denomination and served the Lord Jesus Christ. We left our home and we slept on the wet floor of our small bakery in town for almost two years but it did not discouraged us to serve God. The church moved and rent the function hall of El Kapitan Resort and Training Center, as we left TOP building following day one pastor took over and changed the name of the church. They begun to confused the people by destroying, my name, giving money and many more but praise God TOP people were so strong in their faith with their trust and confidence on me remains unmovable as their pastor. Every Sunday they brought whatever small things they thought could help us. During those time I really experience the true church of the Lord Jesus Christ praying for me extending all support that we needed, Hallelujah we never have even single thought to turn away from God.

Pastor Steve my friend were always right besides us willing to offer everything we need, thank you Jesus for having a friend like him.

"Truly, I tell all of you with certainty, the person who does not enter the sheepfold through the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a bandit. The one who enters through the gate is the shepherd of the sheep. It is to him the gatekeeper opens the gate, and it is his voice the sheep hear. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. When he has driven out all his own, he goes ahead of them, and the sheep follow him because they recognize his voice. They will never follow a stranger, but will run away from him because they do not recognize the voice of strangers."
John 10:1-5

RRCP Santa Lourdes

RRCP Santa Lourdes came as a church when the US Embassy denied me instead of going to US with Pastor Steve on April 2012. Together with my wife and our youngest son Joshua we proceeded to Puerto Princesa, Palawan and launched a church there with my niece Sarah and Pastor Stephen her husband. I was the one paying for their needs during their schooling at Bible College 5 years ago.

The launching was attended by more or less 2-3 hundred people so after that when I come back to Antique Pastor Steve and I decided to build a church building there. On August Pastor Steve and I go to Palawan to build a Church and at the same time we launched another church at Tagumpay, Roxas. RRCP Santa Lourdes experience same persecution as with TOP but with the help of our lawyer there and above all our Almighty God we were able to subdue the enemy. Presently RRCP Santa Lourdes is a fast growing church their attendance now reaches to 40-50 adults and 42 children. The Mayor of Puerto Princesa recently recognized the Santa Lourdes church for their care with malnourished children with our feeding program. Thank you Lord you’re an awesome God.

As I look back since RRCP was started with Grace Chapel Ministries, we can see trials,
and persecution in all angle of a church growth. There were so many desperate moments and unfavorable circumstances, but like the New Testament Church God is in control of everything no matter what may come along the way but it was shown that Christ’s church is unstoppable.

We are the unstoppable church of Christ on-fire with passion and desire to serve him, ready to face enemies and to trample them flat on the ground with God’s power and anointing.

“Don't be afraid, because I'm with you; don't be anxious, because I am your God. I keep on strengthening you; I'm truly helping you. I'm surely upholding you with my victorious right hand."
Isaiah 41:10

This Year 2013

This year has brought great blessings for River Rock Church Philippines in as much that the Lord has put everything into an order. Month April,2013 all RRCP pastors and Elders came together for a wonderful fellowship having a lot of time praying one another and pray for God’s favor and direction. Pastor Steve Bragg gave an inspiring and powerful message and Pastor Alejo Alagos, Lead Pastor of RRCP chaired the meeting. It was started by a testimony of every location Pastor, how the Lord blessed their lives at the top of so many hard and tough situation and heart breaking experiences. It was amazing! for everyone were in tears as they shared their struggles and victories in the ministry.

Pastor Alagos has laid down the importance of being a holistic church with the activities that strengthens everyone in the body of Christ, providing them an opportunity to serve especially among the least of the people in the community. They must not just go to church and worship God but becoming the church that serves their community. With this, Pastor Steve in his teaching series at Tabernacle of praise on - ”Don’t just Go to Church but be the Church” suggested an activity to which all church people will be involved. This activity is called “Operation Kindness.”

Tagumpay Church

This May 2013, The Lord revealed to me in a dream, I dreamed that there was a very ill man from Tagumpay, Roxas, Palawan who came to church crying and pleading us to come because his son was dying but I told him that he would go ahead and we will schedule our visit anytime. When I woke-up, I began to pray and seek the heart of God and it seems that I heard his voice that he will send pastor to pastor his church. Following day I called Pastor Larry and Judy Laureano if they have the heart to go to Palawan Island for we were praying for them for the past three months and without second thought they immediately responded that they’re ready to go. That day I go to Pastor Steve and told him that although we have not yet find the lot for the church building at Tagumpay but we have already a house church there and besides Pastor Larry and Judy were ready to go. Praise God immediately Pastor Steve says “We will send them”, following week after that we laid our hands to Pastor Larry and Judy and bless them and three days after I had arrange everything for their departure and finally RRCP Church Santa Lourdes Palawan gladly received and accompanied them going to Tagumpay. Presently Pastor Larry is working for two locations both of them have a house church existing firstly, at Sitio Candelaria with 20 adults and young people and 28 first degree malnourished children, this is 3 kilometers from Tagumpay proper. Second is Tagumpay proper with 32 adults and 41 first degree malnourished children. The Barangay officials gladly welcome Pastor Larry and Judy because they knew already how RRCP touched the lives of the very poor people even before their coming Pastor Stephen and Sarah already ministering the needs of these poor children. God willing Second Sunday of July these two location will gather together as a body of Christ in a certain place and probably Pastor Larry will just make a church tent, attendance is expected to be 52 adults and 69 children. Praise God! First week of July we will buy the Lot for this church and still praying for the provision of the building fund after we purchase the Lot.

On July second week just a very quick schedule of only two days, I will fly to Palawan to settle the purchased Lot for church building at Tagumpay, Roxas, Palawan. Thank you Lord! At last we can now start building RRCP church Tagumpay. But as of now we are on our knees before the Lord almighty to provide us fund for the building because we need a strong church there. As we know that Tagumpay is a very depressed place because when heavy typhoon came the flood reaches to eight feet level that is why the houses there were designed in a higher flooring made of bamboos and wood. Last year when we did the launching, I had time to converse with many families there about their situation and they said that although their place is so dangerous but they will stay there.

Victory Christian Church – Barangay Sugnod

RRCP Church Sugnod, Malinao, Aklan Building project is about to finished, thank you Jesus my mother-in–law donated the Lot. Pastor Billy Aclo is pastoring the church with an average attendance of 28 adults and 38 children.

The stronghold at Sugnod was broken when Pastor Steve and I during our first visit give time to rebuke the strongholds. People before were not united they have no concern to one another but now people were united, in fact the Barangay officials and people extended some free labor for the building of church…”Glory to the name of Jesus.” Helping one man there for an operation of his tumor, helping their house to be fixed and distribution of relief clothes for the people by RRC and RRCP has brought great impact for the church. Today RRCP are the talks of people in the community as a real church of the Lord Jesus because they felt our love not just preaching the good news but above all ministering to their very needs.. wow! That’s a church.

Jabez House of Prayer – Barangay Esparar

RRCP, Jabez House of Prayer at Esparar, Barbaza were pastored by Pastor Jojo Valdez, this is 4 kilometers going up to the mountain from the highway. They have a church building project there and is about to finish now, thank you Jesus! Attendance every Sunday reaches to 20 adults and 40 children.

Hill of Zion RRCP – Barangay Macarina

Hill of Zion RRCP Church is 8 kilometers from the Town of Patnongon going up the mountain. This church is pastored by Pastor Norberto “Jay-R” Ruela a young pastor with only 24 years old now. Sunday attendance reaches to 21 adults and young people and 17 children. This is a depressed area because majority of the people were farming very small portion of rain-feed land.

Mabasa/Franks Church

February 2013, after Tabernacle of Praise left the church building in Mabasa and the church started worshiping in Barangay Igbarawan at El Kapitan Resort, Barangay Mabasa together with the barangay officials pleading us to comeback at “Franks” for they will donate us a lot for a church building and our home attached. This was the birth of RRCP Franks/Mabasa so with the help of Grace Chapel finances were provided and the church was completed.

Another sad story came in when the Mayor of the town claimed barangay lot as municipal property and we were given a time to vacate the place until next year. With those circumstances we are not afraid for we are serving a great and mighty God.

RRCP Mabasa were pastored by Pastor Alagos and presently undergoing a persecution because the town mayor claim it as town property will in fact it is given by the provincial government for the 20 families that lives along the shore line of Mabasa including RRCP Church. We call this place as “Franks” because their houses were once before wash-out by typhoon “Franks” in 2009. During the last meeting by the town council together with those 20 families including RRCP church, we were advice to vacate the place after one year for they will be brought to a relocation site far from their livelihood as fishermen.

“Franks” people were so desperate with their lives but two Sundays now the church were full of people and Pastor Steve last Sunday preach on 2 Chro. 7:14 and everyone were strengthened and encouraged.

When we left old Tabernacle of Praise building we just slept on the floor for almost two years but the Lord was advancing the Church for we were able to plant many churches. Praise God! When RRCP Mabasa church building and our home completed, we are so thankful for at least we have our home then but again our situation repeated but I know God has a purpose for us. Presently we are organizing “Franks “ to make our appeal to the President to grant us this Lot.

Franks/Mabasa under “Red Alert”

Please pray for us at this moment because Mabasa is under “Red Alert” for we were under the epidemic disease known as “Chekunggunya Fever” 176 families were affected this is second from Dengue Fever, very contiguous it attacks the bone joints, muscles tissues and brain. Last Sunday Tabernacle of Praise RRCP distributed Under boxes of medicines for 176 families under “Operation Kindness”. Just now I received news that the neighboring Barangay have cases of “Chekungguna”also. We want to help that’s why we are going to strengthen this “Operation Kindness” by looking for sponsors so that we could have fund in case of health needs among these communities for in so doing, we are bringing the church to the people.

Mount Sinai RRCP – Barangay Magarang

Praise God, we have new church location pastored by our First Elder Pastor Alejandro Dongon. This is Mount Sinai RRCP, Magarang. This church is more or less 5 kilometers going up in a 30 and sometimes 45 degrees elevation of dirt road. Majority of the people there are very poor but there were 22 adults and young people and 36 children attending our church service.

Epilog - Answered Prayer and Blessings

I thank the Lord for bringing me to River Rock Church with Pastor Steve and Pastor Kelly. I know and recognized that it was God’s timing when he brought to me Pastor Steve in just a right time, in my desperate moments in the ministry with the denomination after serving there about 27 years and planted 25 churches. When Pastor Kelly came here as speaker for the First International Convention of RRCP the Lord knit our heart together with one desire to plant at least 100 churches for RRC and RRCP for we will be working together to materialized this vision for I knew it’s from the Lord for we are one church in many locations.

For the past years of praying and looking to God and hearing from him, there with the initiative of Pastor Steve the Lord brought us some sponsors for church building, Pastor’s Salary, Education Sponsors, Feeding Program sponsors, and some health needs. Glory to the name of Jesus! As we look to him and live in faith although we have suffered many persecution but God is so faithful for he brought us many people like you my dear Grace Chapel Partners and River Rock Church who has the heart to serve in a special way so by your financial help, you’ve touched and brought many people for Jesus.

River Rock Church Philippines will continue to walk by faith to reach-out people for Jesus especially those who were rejected by the denominations there in the mountainous and very remote areas, undiscovered but they have a precious heart and very open to serve God. When I and Pastor Steve travel and meet these people, we cannot hold our tears as we see their way of living, their having insufficient foods, clothing and most especially no one take care for their spiritual need. Like the case of Tagumpay, Roxas we have 69 first degree malnourished children that needs special health care. RRCP extended feeding program in just two thousand pesos monthly Pastor Larry and Judy prepares foods for them just once a week and the Barangay appreciated so much with that simple help. Right now I’m on tears praying that one of our partner will support another 2,000 pesos so that we could have two times feeding schedule in one week in as much that these children are first degree malnourished.

This year 2013, God is leading us to launched two churches one would be in
Mindoro, that’s another big Island quiet close to Island of Panay and another one is in San Vicente, Palawan so that by next year as the lord will provide, we have five locations targeted including Mindanao the “Land of Promise” in the Philippines.

MY DEAR PARTNERS IN THE LORD, please pray for me for as I seek God in an earnest prayer, what is my heart is to focus on God’s work three years from now. Lord willing I will apply to the Government for an early retirement after serving 22 years as Education principal. Based on Education Law I cannot avail the benefit of the 60 old retirement Law because I’m only 50 year old 3 years from now but I knew the Lord will take care of me and my family. This is his work and he will go with us.

FOR ALL OF YOU OUR BELOVED PARTNERS, SUPPORTERS, PRAYER PARTNERS IN THIS MINISTRY, Thank you very much for you have touched the lives of many Filipinos. Although we are far from each other but in a special way we felt your love and prayers so close. You are all amazing partners, heaven is rejoicing because of your help, you cause to go a mile to serve God with these needy people especially with their spiritual needs. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! ‘TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR ALL THAT HE HAS DONE.

Love and Prayers,


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Pastor Alejo F. Alagos

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