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Year End 2013


So many lives are being saved and changed, not only for eternity, but in the hope for today. Your generous donations and prayers 
 have improved the hope of these communities. The comment we most hear is “no one has ever helped us before.” In many of these remote communities, when we first go in, is the look of despair on their faces and in their eyes. I’ve learned to spot malnourishment in the eyes of children. As the church materializes and we begin our programs of care the community transforms. Someone, in the name of our Lord, cares for them. Hope stirs in their hearts. We  preach the Gospel pure and simple. Many are saved, and many consider. Lives are improved, and our Lord is faithful and hears their prayers. As they learn to depend on our faithful Lord Jesus, their lives improve. In time, smiles come to their faces and hope in their eyes, thank you LORD! Thank you all who our Lord moves to help.

Greetings to all who follow and support River Rock Church Philippines and our ministry to Filipinos.

On a personal note, the Braggs are well and happy. The Lord spared us from harm of Typhoon Yolanda, thank you Lord. We have some minor damage to structures and we are in the process of rebuilding. Our God is good.

Juliana is busy getting our farm productive. She has repaired our structures and added 6 pigs, 4 ducks, and a number of chickens. Our cocoa orchard is limping along, but we are not giving up!

We have discovered our son Steven has drama talent. Steven has won first place in three competitions with his declamation. Next week he will complete in the school regional level.

I have some bouts with homesickness. However, the blessings this year have outweighed any discomfort with homesickness. This April, we will go home again and I gorge myself with all the comfort foods I'm missing, Lord willing.

The year of 2013 was our most productive year yet. Our Lord blessed our efforts tremendously. This year we built two more church buildings, added four house churches, and two churches joined us. All our churches more than doubled in attendance through the year. WOW thank you Lord!

Our 18 churches were instrumental as Typhoon Yolanda aid distribution centers. I prayed during the storm that our Lord would spare our churches. No one in any of our communities lost their life. My second prayer was Lord please show your great strength in love for the Filipino families. The Lord sent many to help us with prayers, money, and household goods. To date we have distributed more than 35,000 pounds of rice to 850 families and repaired 251 homes. Even more help is on the way, thank you Lord!

Our churches are, for the most part, in rural areas that the government cannot reach. These areas report that they have never been reached for help from any disaster. Our churches are supplying the first help these communities have ever received.

Those who can help their selves are rebuilding. However, what is left is a great number of people who are unable to help themselves. These are the ones we are reaching. We are helping the bamboo homes that can't be rebuilt without our help and feeding the growing number of malnourished children.

Typhoon Yolanda Aid Report
• Fed 850 families 35,000 pounds of rice.
• Many group community dinners with rice, meat, and vegetables.
• Repaired or rebuilt 251 homes.
• Repaired 5 churches.
• Repaired 2 pastors’ homes.
• Medical aid to numerous families.

Aid Impact
• The number one tearful response is "no one has ever helped us before."
• We are providing building resources. As a result, the church and community are working together to help each other to rebuild.
• Many are amazed that a church would help people outside of their congregation.
• Our churches have more than doubled in attendance.
• People are coming to hear the Gospel that never heard before.
• Both the unchurched and dechurched are coming to church and listening. They have seen and felt whom we are, and now they want to hear who we are and they come to church. Each week folks are responding to commit or recommit their lives to Jesus Christ.
• This impact will be long lasting. It has changed the relationship of the church and community forever.
• Strongholds are disappearing, and doors are opening.
• It has set an example for other churches, and they are responding.
• 28 baptisms.

Church Growth for 2013
River Rock Church Philippines is now 19 churches; 13 churches with buildings, and 6 house churches. THANK YOU LORD!
Each church is now responsible to reach out to neighboring communities and start house churches. Some of these house churches will become a traditional church with building parsonage and pastor.

• 2 church buildings were built in Barangay Igbarawan, Tabernacle of Praise, and Barangay Magarang, Mt. Horeb Christian Center.
• Property is being donated, and funds are available to build a church in Barangay Magdalena.
• 2 Churches joined our fellowship of River Rock Church Philippines.
o Victory Christian Church Belison - Belison, Antique - Pastor Danny Gruzo
o Victory Christian Church San Rimigio - Iguirindon, San Rimigio, Antique - Pastor Samuel
• 5 House Churches were started at Barangays Candelaria, Mariogon, Buena Vista, Maranat, and Tamayoc.
o Our new Evangelist in Palawan, Pastor Purdencio Alagos started three of the four house churches in Palawan.
• 60 Baptisms for the year, Thank you LORD!
• 23 students are received scholarships for school.
• 7 pastors are receiving support.
• Numerous families have been helped with medical emergencies and food.
Expanding Our Boarders
• Pastor Alagos and I are on Christian radio a total 5 hours per week preaching the Gospel and encouraging the church.
• Pastor Alagos has been invited to Singapore to encourage Filipinos. Lord willing, he will be able to start our first house church in Singapore!

This ministry is a partnership of you all who support us with prayers and donations, and those here who are the hands and feet of your blessings. Thank you Lord, we know that those who give and those who work can do nothing without the blessing from you Lord to us all to make it all possible. Amen!

Please Remember Us In Your Prayers. Please Remember Us In You Giving.

We Pray You All A Prosperous, Healthy, And Blessed New Year.

Donations: http://www.river-rock.org/giving.html

Your partner in this ministry to Filipinos,

Pastor Steve Bragg

River Rock Church Philippines

“The King will answer and say to them,
‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’ (Matthew 25:45).


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