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Year End Report 2015

River Rock Church Philippines

Year-End Report 2015



Greetings to all who follow and support River Rock Church Philippines and our ministry to Filipinos.

Thank you so very much for your prayers and financial support this year. Our Lord has blessed our partnership for this mission and ministry to Filipinos.

We also pray you will consider supporting and continue to support us in 2016. Together with our Lord Jesus blessing, we will start many churches, multitudes will be saved, and families and lives will be restored and blessed, we pray.

This has been a productive year! Thank you, Lord!

• We now have a total of 24 RRCP churches. We are fourteen churches with church buildings and ten house churches. These churches have grown to a weekly combined attendance of 1,200 plus. Thank you, Lord!

• We built three new church buildings for River Rock Church Anin-y, Maranat Christian Center and Hill of Zion. The donors were Shepherds of the Savior, FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of PHOENIX FOUNDATION and donors from River Rock Church USA.

• Two more church buildings for Barangbang and Maryogon are fully funded waiting for the completion of land registration. The donors for these two churches are RRC donors and Shepherds for the Savior.

• RRCP Fourth Annual National Convention was a success. Pastor Tony Williamson was our guest speaker. Tony is loved by all!

• Thirteen weekly feeding programs for malnourished children.

• Our CCC (Children’s Care Center) to tutor and feed 68 elementary schoolchildren most in need is a success. These children are classified as “severely malnourished” who are behind in school. The elementary teachers have noted a remarked improvement in health, academics and behavior with the children.

• Our ten churches on the island of Palawan have become a region. Pastor Stephen Mahusay is promoted to manage the Palawan Churches.

• Our fourteen churches on the island Panay are also a region with Pastor Gaudencio Valdez Jr. (JoJo) managing.

• As I visit our churches, I’m hearing barangay captains claim the overall blessings have increased for their communities, sicknesses are less, crops are greater, families are healed, and our Lord Jesus is providing many miraculous physical healings. OUR LORD IS INDEED FAITHFUL!

• Fruit of our Labor in the Lord 70 baptisms.

Personal Note

Juliana, Steven and I are well. We are happy and blessed. I gained too much weight while in the USA. I’m dieting now with some success. We hosted Pastor Tony Williams during our Fourth Annual Convention the first two weeks of November. Also the Hounshell family visited us the first two weeks of December. We were all blessings to each other!
We are hoping more people will visit and see what our Lord is doing here in 2016.

Thank You to Our Sponsors and Donors

• River Rock Church – Camas, WA.
• Individual donors from River Rock Church
• Grace Chapel - RRCP Partners
• Imbler Christian Church - Imbler, OR.
• Christ Church of the Valley - Phoenix, AZ.
• Filipino-American Faith Baptist Church – Houston, TX.
• Shepherds for the Savior
Nancy Elizabeth Landahl Memorial Fund
• International Disaster Emergency Service, Inc. I.D.E.S.
• Ted-Dee Bear Septic


This ministry is a partnership of you all who support us with prayers and donations and those of us here who are the hands and feet of your blessings. Thank you, Lord, we know that those who give and those who work can do nothing without the blessing from You Lord to all of us to make it all possible. Amen!

How to Support RRCP

ONLINE DONATIONS: http://www.river-rock.org/giving.html 
Create an account if you have not already.
Use the Operation Philippines drop down and proceed.

River Rock Church 3520 NE 3rd Ave, Camas, WA 98607.
Make the check to River Rock Church Philippines.


“The King will answer and say to them,
‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’ (Matthew 25:45).


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Plant new Christian churches in the remote Barangays where there is no other church that serve their communities. 

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Pastor Alejo F. Alagos

Pastor Alejo F. Alagos

My Partner in the RRCP Ministry

President River Rock Church Philippines (RRCP) Inc.

Lead Pastor RRCP

Pastor of RRCP Grace Chapel and RRCP Tabernacle of Praise


RRCP Evangelist

DepEd Principle 1

Pastor Alejo F. Alagos has been a Pastor for 28 years. In that time he has planted more than 35 new churches. The last 8 church plants were for RRCP.

Steve's Story

Pastor Steven Ray Bragg

Serving our Lord in the Philippines

 This is my Testimony and how we got started. (3 minutes)