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Youth Ministries

Each of our churches creates Youth Groups to lead youth to Christ and teach them to serve our Lord. They are active in care ministries for their communities and active in helping us establish new churches.

Children's Feeding Programs


Most of the churches we start are in the neediest communities of the Philippines. Wherever we go we feed children. Some of our churches feed children weekly. 

Helping Families In Need

 Sugnod Family

Through our Child and Care Ministry, we help families with emergency medical needs and/or hungry children.





Hello RRCP Supporter,

RRCP now has its own 501 (c)(3) non-profit for your convenience and tax deduction. It is called River Rock Mission Foundation.

Our new secure website for your contributions is:


• Please use this new website for your monthly donations. You can also set up reoccurring donations.

You may also mail checks to:

River Rock Church Philippines
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Thank you for your love and blessings to the Filipino people.
Pastor Steve Bragg

If you have any questions you may call me at 208-507-2947



March 29, 2020

Hello everyone,

Our Lord continues to bless RRCP. I recently updated our church directory. We now are 34 churches and our average Sunday attendance is over 1000 combined. God is so very good – all the time!

Thank you for your prayers and support. Our Lord Jesus Christ is blessing our partnership serving the Philippines with new churches and new people coming to know the Lord.


RRCP is now independent from Acts Church. It is a mutual separation and we will continue to work together.

Within the next few weeks, you will receive a new website to donate to RRCP. Our 501 (c)(3) status will continue for your benefit.

In the meantime, you can continue to give through Acts church until you receive the new website for donations.

Thank you – Thank you – Thank you

for your understanding in this matter and your love, prayers, and support.

Pastor Steven Ray Bragg
Missionary to the Philippines










MISSION: to establish New Testament churches in remote communities of the Philippines in Jesus Christ’s name, and to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ for salvation, and to worship him alone. These churches will love their communities in Jesus’ name.



  • An additional 23 feeding programs
  • Two more pastors


  • Additional 70 more churches over the next seven years, totaling 100 churches by 2026
  • Hiring an additional 35 pastors
  • Ministering to the people with an additional 70 feeding, clothing, and care programs
  • Supporting an additional missionary team in The Philippines – the Hounshell family


 If you are already giving – THANK YOU! If you can help additionally with an added gift – THANK YOU AGAIN!
 If you have not given yet, PLEASE, THIS IS THE TIME TO START!

Let’s Work Together as Partners in The Lord to Establish 100 Churches in The Philippines.
That Is 4000 People Saved and Worshiping Our Lord Jesus Christ Weekly.


  • Go to https://actscamas.breezechms.com/give/online, use the Philippines drop-down box, and proceed.
  • You can set up a monthly recurring gift of $100, or more…or less…as you can. Your gifts are donated through Acts Church Camas, WA, a 501(c)(3).

Call Susan if you wish to donate by mail: 360-885-9000.

Thank you for considering our request, and many blessings upon you!
Pastor Steve Bragg




Philippines Ministry News

Vision For 2019

Hello RRCP Partners and friends:

Happy New Year! Thank you so very much for your generous support both financially and in much-needed prayer. Your partnership with the Philippines ministry has been used by our Great God to bring a big success for the Kingdom!

I estimate we have baptized more than 500 people since we began this ministry with not much more than a call, hope, and prayer. And since then, with your help, together we have planted 30 churches in the remote, isolated regions of the Philippines. Many are hearing the gospel message of hope, forgiveness and salvation for the first time. Your dedicated obedience to Jesus Christ has made this possible!

Our feeding programs for malnourished children continue to bless many children and their families. As we love these children, the families also receive the blessing. We also have three college scholarships supported by individuals. All three of our students are doing well in college.
With the Philippines economy doing better, their chances to get a job are excellent. Once employed they will help their families. This ministry is working, in the power of the Holy Spirit to change a generation of precious people in the Philippines.

Our pastors and their families are thankful for our support as they continue to fight the good fight and sacrificially minister in the isolated regions. Without your support, they could not survive in these communities.


As most of you already know, Juliana, Steven, and I are here in the States. Steven and I arrived in May and Juliana joined us in August. We are currently staying with my sister-in-law, Carrie, in Nampa, ID. And yes, it is cold for us Filipinos!

I am very pleased with the leadership of RRCP among the Elders of Acts Church. They and other valued friends have provided tremendous guidance and support, during this time. We have sharpened our focus during this time. I am more committed than ever to see God work powerfully through me and all of you for the people of the Philippines until He returns or calls us home.

Thank you for your continuing prayers for Steven, as he begins his second semester at Boise Bible College. We are excited to see what God will do through Steven as he dedicates himself to studying God’s word. Thanks to you we have also been able to get some much needed rest!


We have a big vision for the future of the Philippines ministry! We plan to send the Hounshell family to minister full time in the Philippines soon and we plan to expand both the Church Planting and the Feeding Program ministries, as well as increasing our training of Pastors and workers in the ministry. This is a big goal and a big vision and it is going to take a big movement in faith for our supporters both financially and in prayer.

Here is what we need:
We need 120 monthly givers at $100 per month to increase our monthly budget by $12,000 per month, this will be enough to for current support needs for our missionary families and will more than double our current budget for the work being done in the Philippines.

If you would pray with your family about being one of our new $100 per month givers we can reach this goal soon!

With 30 churches already with all the support programs, including those for malnourished children, we are poised to watch the Lord do amazing and miraculous things in the Philippines. Lord willing, and with all of our efforts together, our goal is to plant at least 100 new churches. We are on two islands now, and we are looking to eventually be on all the major islands. With these new resources, we can start now toward this visionary goal! We love you. Let us join hands together and be part of a work with eternal consequences and rewards!

The Lord has brought to my heart this verse.

“Let everyone give as his heart tells him, neither grudgingly nor under compulsion, for God loves the man who gives cheerfully. After all, God can give you everything that you need, so that you may always have sufficient both for yourselves and for giving away to other people. As the scripture says: “He has dispersed abroad, he has given to the poor; his righteousness remains forever” (2 Corinthians 7:9 J.B. Phillips New Testament (PHILLIPS).

Juliana and I have learned to the joy and benefits of giving. We love to help the church and those in need. We give and give happily. It is wondrous to me that He supplies our every need, and He keeps our pockets full to continue giving. Thank you, Lord!
I pray you already know or will come to know the joy of giving and the blessing in your life of giving.

“Whoever is kind to the poor is lending to the LORD—the benefit of his gift will return to him in abundance” (Proverbs 19:17 ISV).


ONLINE DONATIONS: https://actscamas.breezechms.com/give/online 

  • Create an account if you have not already.
  • Use the Philippines drop down and proceed.


  • Mail to: Acts Church - 4824 NW 38th Ave Camas, WA 98607.
  • Make the check to River Rock Church Philippines.

“The King will answer and say to them,
‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them,
you did it to Me.’ (Matthew 25:45).

Thank you so very much for your love, prayers, and support.

Steve Bragg


Christmas Thoughts For You

Well, it is Christmas time once again. This is the first Thanksgiving and Christmas here in the states with family and friends in eight years. Thank you, Lord. But I must say, I miss my home and church in the Philippines.

Because we serve the Lord Jesus, we serve where He leads us, and we move in His timing. We solely serve in His providence. All the earth is willed by His sovereignty. Thank you, Lord!

The Bible says, “before the foundation of the world” God chose us to be saved by His Son Jesus Christ.
Ephesians 1:4 just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we would be holy and blameless before Him. In love 5 He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the kind intention of His will,

Before God created, He knew the cost. He knew we would reject Him as God and Creator. He knew that because of our rejection (sin) we would die. He knew the second person of Himself, The Word, would need to become flesh. Jesus Christ the Messiah would need to pay the price of our sin, death so that we might live despite ourselves.

Well, knowing the cost, He created us in love. And amazing to me, He created us with the unique gift of His image and likeness. He created us eternal and willing to forgive us through His love demonstrated on the Cross paying for our sin.

God chose the day He would create us and then chose the day He would fulfill His promise – The day of His birth arrived. It was the day to become a man so He could die for our sins on the cross. He took on humanity to save us.

For me, Christmas is the day Jesus became flesh to die so I might live. I think this passage explains it best. The ISV puts it in poetic verse. It is beautiful to read and wonderful to contemplate.

Philippians 2 International Standard Version (ISV)

6 In God’s own form existed he,
and shared with God equality,
deemed nothing needed grasping.
7 Instead, poured out in emptiness,
a servant’s form did he possess,
a mortal man becoming.
In human form he chose to be,
8 and lived in all humility,
death on a cross obeying.
9 Now lifted up by God to heaven,
a name above all others given,
this matchless name possessing.
10 And so, when Jesus’ name is called,
the knees of everyone should fall,
wherever they’re residing.
11 Then every tongue in one accord,
will say that Jesus the Messiah is Lord,
while God the Father praising.

Maybe this is why Christians have such loving hearts and enjoy giving. Truly we are created in His image and likeness.

Here is a Filipino story of giving. It comes from my new book THE ENEMY IS ROARING AND THE LORD IS BLESSING.

Short Stories of Faith and Encouragement
“When they saw us coming, they had hope.”

One day, we went to pray for a family that had a miscarriage in the seventh month. The baby was a boy. Two of our Grace Chapel youth were from this family. Just a few days before, these two youth were recipients of clothes and school supplies sent from our home church in the USA.

It was rainy season. We walked into the mountainous part of Dacutan, where Grace Chapel is. Juliana, six of our Grace Chapel ladies, and Pastor Jojo and I went to pray for them and give a love offering. Our travel was a muddy footpath, wading across a river, and walking an old bamboo hanging bridge.

I am a large American and the Filipinos who walk this bridge weigh considerably less. It was faith that God would protect me that caused me to step out on the bridge. Thanks to Him, I made it to the other side. The mud path had sugarcane stalks and sticks covering it so our feet would not sink too deep. I had seen school children come from this area carrying their shoes to keep the mud from them.

As we walked the path to their home, many people joined us. Some of the community members and the family said that when they saw us coming, they had hope. We finally arrived at the bamboo home. You could see easily through the walls, and it was leaning and in need of repair.

A few of us stepped inside. The mother was sitting on the bamboo floor, also with many missing pieces. You could see she was very weak, her eyes full of tears at our sight. Beside her was a cardboard box with the dead baby boy wrapped in a blanket inside. His small face was showing. Near the box, on the floor, was a single small candle lit as a symbol of mourning. The father was off preparing the grave at the local public cemetery.

The ladies were quick to make sure the mother was okay, offer words of sympathy and check to see that she and the children were safe. The family had no money for a doctor or medicine. We prayed for her healing.

I observed several of the children were malnourished. Four of their children come to the Grace Chapel feeding program on Saturdays. Sometimes they show up at our home, and we feed them.

The mother was 38, and this was her tenth child. The father helped deliver the already dead baby. He had to push the baby out. If he had not been brave, maybe the mother would have died during delivery. We prayed she would have no infection. Pastor Jojo offered a prayer of healing and comfort. The ladies continued to speak with the mother and tried to help with the words from their hearts.

As I walked home, my thoughts were about how blessed my family and I are. I thanked God for our health, our home, and the means He has given us to care for ourselves and others.

Also in my heart, I was trying to understand the helplessness they must feel. It is their daily life. In spite of their poverty, the Filipinos are an enduring people. When I see the children, they are smiling, clean and well mannered.

Oh Lord, help us to bring hope and love to the Filipino people wherever You establish us.

The mother went to the medical clinic. They used our love offering for medication. She is now in good health. Thank you, Lord!

The oldest of their children, a teenage girl Hanny, has since come to live with us. She is a blessing to Juliana, helping around the house. With the money she earns from us she can continue in school and help her family.

There are too many like this in the Philippines. I have been told 30% of Filipino children are malnourished. There is so very much more we can do.

The Good Shepherd says "I will feed My flock and I will lead them to rest," declares the Lord GOD. "I will seek the lost, bring back the scattered, bind up the broken and strengthen the sick; but the fat and the strong I will destroy. I will feed them with judgment” (Ezekiel 34:15, 16).

As Paul Harvey would say – “page two” of the story next

Short Stories of Faith and Encouragement

This story is about Hanny Mae Saturnino, the girl mentioned in the story above. Juliana calls her Annie or Ann. I call her Haners.

Several years ago, I wrestled with the fact that I cannot help everyone. The poverty and suffering around me is harsh and breaks my heart continuously. As I have said before, so many times I have to walk away so I can clear away my tears. I pray I never become accustomed to it or stop seeing the suffering.

Someone shared with me that I could not help everyone. That is true. However, there are some, with the Lord’s help, I can. So I focus on those the Lord brings into my path and into my heart. There are many. Thank you, Lord Jesus. The story of Haners is about one the Lord brought into my path and into my heart.

Haners is the oldest child of the family mentioned in the previous story. When her mother miscarried, Haners had already been coming to Grace Chapel. When we approached the home to pray for her mother and family, I could see her sitting in her bedroom through the missing pieces of outside walls as we approached.

Our first year here in 2011, I was preaching at Grace Chapel. Haners and some of her siblings also attended. At that time, we fed the children and adults who came to church nutritious meals. She was thirteen at the time and was hard to miss. She is pretty, with a big smile and eyes that look directly at you. Shortly thereafter, I discovered she is intelligent, determined and willing to work hard to accomplish something with her life. One of the things I like most about her is she is always helping her family.

Not only was I noticing her at church, but she and a girl friend were showing up on the weekends doing chores around our house. They came looking for food. Juliana would have them do cleaning in exchange. Soon it was just Haners showing up. Juliana not only provided food for Haners, but also some to take home for her family, plus a little allowance as well. Haners was a hard-working, honest girl.

Soon we needed her to come on Friday nights. Not long after, she would stay with us a night or two. Haners was also active with the Grace Chapel youth. Eventually, Haners was staying with us every weeknight and visiting her family on the weekends. Juliana pays her an allowance and also helps with the cost of school projects, transportation to school, lunch and uniforms. She is a member of the family and a big help and blessing to us, especially Juliana.

Am I singing her praises? I guess I am. Not everyone we try to help is a success story. We have had our hearts broken many times trying to help, only to find they do not appreciate it or even dislike us later. I will not let those discourage me. There are also the ones whose lives we have made a positive difference in both spiritually and in quality of life.

I also noticed her dedication to her schoolwork. Almost two years ago, I asked Haners how her school grades were doing. As usual, she said okay. I began asking to see her grades at the end of each semester. In the beginning, her grades were around 81-83. Not bad. One day I asked her what she wanted to do with her life. She said she wanted to take hotel & restaurant management at the local university.

I was pleased she wanted to go to college but disappointed in the degree program she chose. It made sense though, because it is the least expensive for a four-year degree. As I have observed, many students choose that one. I estimate that maybe 5,000 students per year graduate with that degree but cannot find a job. After all, how many motels are there in the Philippines: a third world country? Certainly not enough to fill all those jobs. Most colleges have the course.

I asked Haners what she would want to study if she had the money for whatever she wanted. Her answer was nursing. That makes sense as she doctors our pets and cleans wounds for us and others. She also helps take care of Tatay, Juliana’s father. He is 93 years old and needs complete care. She loves it.

Therefore, I told her she needs to bring her grades up and I will see if there is a sponsor or sponsors for her. Every semester she has improved her grades. The last report card her average was 92.44. She is ending her senior year and excited for college.

I told Haners’ story to a few potential sponsors and their responses were favorable.

The Enemy Roaring

The enemy roaring was poverty. Haners thought her only option would be the cheapest college degree. Actually, she probably thought she had no chance at college due to finances.

The Lord Is Blessing
Haners as a young girl, although she did not really believe in God at the time, still prayed for a good life, including college.
• The Lord put in her a determination to work hard.
• He put in her the hope for a better life.
• The Lord created her with honesty and self-determination.
• The Lord brought us to the Philippines.
• The Lord put Haners in my and Juliana’s heart.
• Although she is a little shy, the Lord put a light in her for others to see.

Haners found our Lord and was baptized. She knows He is real now. A Bible sits by her bed, and she is reading it. She now has hope and faith. I believe our Lord will follow through with Haners and she will shine His light in her life.

Thank you, Lord, that we have been able to help hundreds. And thank you, Lord, that we can help Haners. Thank you, Lord, that she has brightened our lives, and we have seen you work in her. You are an awesome God!

“Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom also we have obtained our introduction by faith into this grace in which we stand; and we exult in hope of the glory of God. And not only this, but we also exult in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance; and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope; and hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us” (Romans 5:1-5).

Merry Christmas to you all. May our Lord continue to bless you richly with His continued love, mercy, and grace.

Your partner serving Filipinos in Jesus name.
The Bragg Family



Hello RRCP Partners,

This year we have added – Thank you, Lord!
• Two more churches
• Four full-time pastors
• Four part-time church workers
• Five more feeding programs

As a result, our monthly expenses have grown proportionately.

All donations are tremendously appreciated. We are also in great need of monthly donors.

Please join our partnership of planting churches and ministering to the Filipino people.


ONLINE DONATIONS: https://actscamas.breezechms.com/give/online 

Create an account if you have not already.
Use the Philippines drop down and proceed.


Acts Church - 4824 NW 38th Ave Camas, WA 98607.

Make the check to River Rock Church Philippines.

“The King will answer and say to them,
‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them,
you did it to Me.’ (Matthew 25:45).


RRCP Eighth Annual Convention

Hello and blessings RRCP partners.

RRCP just completed our Eighth Annual International Convention with many blessings! Thank you, Lord!

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend this one due to Philippines politics. However, we hope to return soon for the Youth Camp in April 2019.

Please see all the convention pictures and updates posted on my Facebook site. It is listed as Steven Ray Bragg. https://www.facebook.com/grace.chapel.philippines 

You can also visit and join our RRCP Facebook page. It is listed as River Rock Church – Philippines. https://www.facebook.com/RiverRockChurchPhilippines/ 



I completed my prayers for each of you recently. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you all with your hearts desires and in your service to Him.

Your partner in ministry,

Steve Bragg

ONLINE DONATIONS: https://actscamas.breezechms.com/give/online 

  • Create an account if you have not already.
  • Use the Philippines drop down and proceed.


Acts Church - 4824 NW 38th Ave Camas, WA 98607.

  • Make the check to River Rock Church Philippines.

“The King will answer and say to them,
‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them,
you did it to Me.’ (Matthew 25:45).




Hello Dear RRCP Partners

Steven and College
As most of you know, Steven and I are in Nampa Idaho, getting him ready for College - Bose Bible College. He passed his GED and took the ACT exam last week. We are praying for good scores. He only had two weeks to prepare (lots of pressure on him and me).
As a result, he started late for his BBC introduction class called Access. It’s a four-week course, and he has less than two weeks to complete. So, it has been cram – cram – cram ever since he got here May 1. The phrase tossed around now is “welcome to college.”

One of the best news is he got his first flight lesson a few days ago. He actually got to fly the plane some. Dad was a little nervous riding in the back seat. But Steven was all smiles and continued to fly even while his feet were on the ground the remainder of the day. There is a three-month waiting list to start the flight school. This will give Steven enough time to see how his studies go at BBC before we put a plan together to get his private pilot license. This is the first step toward his commercial license that will take several years to acquire. He has many options with the Bible degree and a commercial license in hand. One option is the MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) https://www.maf.org/about. They support missions by flying missionaries and supplies into remote areas all over the world. They just opened an office in the Philippines.

About Juliana and Me

It is unsure how long we will be here in the states supporting Steven’s transition from Filipino high school to an American college. BBC requires the first, and second-year students live on campus. The staff and professors are dedicated to helping the students achieve their goals of knowing God through His word. Their motto is “Boise Bible College glorifies God by equipping servant leaders who build up the church to advance the gospel worldwide, under the lordship of Christ and the authority of Scripture.” It is a great goal that requires lots of shaping and personal guidance from the professors. As a result, we feel good about him there learning about God, how his life fits with God and being safe in His pursuit of God.

In our pursuit of wisdom of how to help Steven in his transition, the common advice to us is we need to be with him or close by a minimum of two years. We are not sure what that looks like with the ministry in the Philippines and/or ministry here. I am confident the Lord is in control. We are prayerfully waiting on Him. Please be in prayer with us.

Philippines News
The churches are doing well and growing. God is blessing us. After all, this is His Church, not ours. The Lord has brought us many good people of God to grow and mature His church. Even from afar I am in awe of how God orchestrates events and people.
Its rainy season there now so flooding, and landslides are in full swing. One village where our house church is recently established, two children lost their lives in a landslide. We also repaired several leaks in our roof because of the relentless heavy rain.

Coming Events
RRCP Eight Annual Convention will be October 25-28. The theme is Growing Together to Maturity. The speakers and teachers will be our own Filipino pastors and teachers.

RRCP Second Annual Biblical Education Seminar will be January 24-27, 2019. Our guest speakers will be Teaching Pastor David C. Robinson and Elder Dr. David W. Robinson from our home church, Acts Church in Camas, WA. The Theme is Apologetics: Defending our God, Bible, and Faith. - “But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect, (1 Peter 3:15 ESV).

Fifth International Summer Youth Camp 2019 the end of April 2019. The exact date, theme, and speakers are yet to be determined. Two weeks before the youth camp a mission’s team from the USA will remodel elementary schools and end with attending the camp.

This is a time when we need your sincere prayers for wisdom, guidance, and blessings as we continue to expand RRCP with new churches and grow the church to maturity.

Thank you for your awesome generosity to support God’s Church in the Philippines.



“To the church of God that is in Corinth, to those sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints together with all those who in every place call upon the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, both their Lord and ours (1 Corinthians 1:2 ESV).


Hello USA

I would love to come to your church and share what God is doing the Philippines. It is a beautiful story of faith and the power of God.

Thank you & blessings!
Steve Bragg




My New Book


Is available to order at Xulon Press & Amazon

It is about our ministry in the Philippines.



Hello Everyone,

This is a 17-minute video of my RRCP report to Acts Church. It does include a 2-minute video you may have already seen. After the introduction is the live video is the report.

Thank you all so very much for your love, prayers, and financial support.

Just click here for the Vimeo video. 

Video Report

Your partner in this ministry,



RRCP End of Year Report 2017

A Blessed year - Thank You All

Thank you, Lord!


All churches combined, our average weekly attendance is approximately 700. However, if everyone showed up at once or for a special event, the count would be more than 1400. We have about 200 active youth (high school & college) that shows up for camp just on this island. Palawan youth camp was more than 100. Our VBS kids were about 2000. Seventy baptisms this year. Therefore, with adults, youth, kids, and families, we minister to 3000-4000 Filipinos. Also, some of our pastors are teachers, an elementary school Principal, and Pastor Alagos is teaching master level classes to 50 teachers, so our influence is innumerable. (We can teach about God in schools). Each of the 30 churches has good working relationships with their local governing councils and schools.

1. New Churches

We added two more House Churches this year for thirty new churches established since 2006.
• We have fifteen churches on the island Panay and fifteen churches on the island of Palawan.
• Of the thirty churches, seventeen have new church buildings to worship in, and thirteen are house churches with weekly worship services.

2. Leaders for 2017 – We are growing with both adult and youth leaders

• 9 Ordained Pastors – (1 added this year)
• 6 Appointed Elders – (4 added this year)
• 7 Acting Pastors
• 6 pastors in discipleship

3. Future Leaders Today

• Youth Church Leaders - Judy Grace - Nico – Edney – JB – Ron Ron – John – Shanine – John Mark – Lalaine – Charmaine - (College students)
• These youth are leading churches through preaching, teaching, and worship.
4. New Church Building Construction Completed – Jumpal Christian Church – at Kalibo, Aklan
5. Youth Camp Panay– There was nearly 200 youth who attended including five youth visitors From the Pacific Island Bible Church, HI. – 14 Baptisms
6. Youth Camp Palawan – 100 youth participated – 7 baptisms
7. RRCP Convention 2017 – Attended by almost 200 church leaders – 17 Baptisms

The 2017-2018 RRCP Goal Is To Equip The Church To Carry On Generationally.
We are doing this through Leadership Conventions and Training Seminars.

• RRCP Annual Convention October 2017 – Leadership Training – Homiletics – How to preach and teach from the Bible – Teaching Pastor Joshua Williamson – From the Pacific Island Bible Church, HI. - 190 in attendance – 17 Baptisms

Coming Up in 2018

• RRCP Teaching Seminar January 2018 – Biblical Interpretation – Hermeneutics – Theme: How To Read The Bible Well (for Others) – Our teacher is Dr. Derek Voorhees President of Boise Bible College, Boise, ID – Guest speakers Pastor Tony Williamson and Missionary Paul Wilson.
• Youth Camp March 2018 – Leadership Training – A study of the life of Joseph – Pastor Dana Williamson.
• RRCP Annual Convention October 2018 – Are the Christian Faith and Bible Reliable? –Apologetics – How to defend the Christian Faith – three key areas; Bible, Creation, and Modern Philosophy. Teacher yet to be determined.

8. Finances

• Our supporters came through with all ministries funded and extra to start next year. Thank you, everyone, and thank you, Lord!
9. My third book is almost finished – It’s at the editor now – THE ENEMY IS ROARING AND THE LORD IS BLESSING.
• It tells the stories of our church planting with the emphases on how God works with us establishing His churches. I hope to be published before Easter.

Thank you!

This ministry to the Filipinos is a partnership. Pastor Alagos and I and our many pastors, elders, and youths are the feet and hands on the ground. However, we can do little without your financial support. Equally important are your continuous prayers for us – Thank you! Our ministry is a BIG SUCCESS!

This year we grew into new communities, people were saved for eternity, families were healed, seven marriages were conducted, youths were guided, and our Lord Jesus Christ revealed Himself with majesty and glory.

Thank You, Everyone, For Your Partnership

in Our Lord’s Kingdom.

Sincerely and humbly,
Steve Bragg



Please keep my book in mind for gifts.


It received a Christian Author Award as a mission’s book.





We Are Praying For Your Support.

As you consider your year-end charitable donation, please remember RRCP.



You may give online or by mail.



  • Create an account if you have not already.
  • Use the Philippines drop down and proceed.


  • Acts Church - 4824 NW 38th Ave Camas, WA 98607.
  • Make the check to River Rock Church Philippines.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support.
Pastor Steve Bragg
River Rock Church Philippines



Here is a sample story from my new book.



Please let me know if you like it. It is not published yet.



Click here to read the short and true story.





It is a humbling occasion when we need to ask for help. Although, I understand because we are a mission outreach request are a part of the mission, still, it humbles me immensely. That is why you are all truly partners in this ministry.


We have three financial needs at this time.

1. Personal support for the Bragg family to continue living and ministering in the Philippines. Due to our son Steven turning 16 our Social Security is reduced. We have been self-supporting until now.

We are in need monthly support. Maybe your church can help also. If you can help please contact me at steve@riverrockchurchphilippines.com 

2. This time of year has many extra ministries that need funding.

a. October 2017 is our Seventh Annual RRCP Convention. We bring the pastors and church leaders of both islands to the event.

This year Pastor Joshua Williamson from Pacific Island Bible Church, HI will be our speaker and teacher. He will be teaching on how to preach Biblical Sermons - Homiletics.

       *$800 needed for transportation of the Palawan delegates.
       *$500 for food and venue.

b. January 2017 – This is a very special event to equip our pastors and leaders to study the Bible correctly.

President Dr. Derek Voorhees of Boise Bible College will be teaching a seminar of Biblical Interpretation. Again, we will bring both islands together for the seminar.

      *$2000 needed for this special and very much needed event to equip our pastors.

c. Due to the natural flow of donors coming and going, our RRCP ministry balance is critically low.

If you can contribute a little extra at this time, it will help greatly.
Thank you very much for your generous support!

“And don't forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God” (Hebrews 13:16).

Pastor Steve Bragg

Past Events




Palawan Report

August 8, 2017

Recently Pastor Alagos visited our churches on the island of Palawan.

Here are some highlights of the churches.

Bahile House Church

Barangày Bahile is almost 73km from Puerto Princesa City ànd along the way to Underground River. this barangay is composed of the mixed tribe like Agutaynen, Cuyonin at Palaweno. We have a house church here that was started 3 yrs ago with Pastor Prudencio and Oab. There is a couple here that ever-since the house churçh started dreaming to have a permanent structure for a plaçe of worship. Just 4months ago she discovered that the next lot to which they squat is àn abandoned lot with no owñer and it was a miracle that the govt. Awarded it to her, and now she needs to pay some amount by faith for the processing fee to own it. In her excitement, she stated a skeleton nipa hut for a place of worship for her family, relatives and people and tribes around for she promised that whatever blessings she might receive, the best portion will be given to God. I really amazed and knelt down in thanksgiviñg to God with such a great faith, hallelujah. AMEN!



RRCP House Church Sitio Madahon of Buenavista Pto. Princesa, Palawan UP -dates!
Sitio Madahon is a Tribal area of Barangay Buenavista composing 3 tribes like agutaynen and Cuyonin, this is composed of 20 houses and their livelihood are mostly fishing and mat making using native grass taken from the middle of the forest. RRCP house church was started here with Ptr Oab our Tribal Pastor from Buenavista and now the work was delegated to his daughter-in-Law Aina. They used to gather at the small nipa house and sometimes under the tree if no raiñ. There were 7 families regularly gathered here. Their faith and hunger for the word of God is incomparable and so inspiring. Please spend sometime to pray for them and for the blessings that would meet their needs and salvation in the name of Jesus. Ameñ!



The meeting is composed of 28 pàstors, elders, workers and youth leaders coming from 6 RRCP Churches and 7 house Churches of Palawan Region. The meeting was so exciting, everyone came with expectation and thirsty heart for the Lord. Their presence was filled with love and concern for each other....what a blessing to see the manifestations of the ACTS Churches in the bible. Thank you RRCP family for living in the culture of love, compassion, faith, and humility in the Lord Jesus Christ for your love and faith empowers our desire and hope to serve the Lord in more greater heights and more deeper commitment. I LOVE YOU ALL IN THE LORD! ... Amen!



Santa Lourdes Church

Sunday worship service at Santa Lourdes RRCP. There some people coming from Buenavista, madahon, Maryugon, Bahile, SalvacionManalolo and upper Santa Lourdes churches and house Churches. What a blessing everyone come with excitement eager to hear the word of God and to see each other. Thank you very much RRCP Brethren for the Love that you have to us and to the work of the Lord. Be strong and of good courage. Amen!


Thank you, Lord, for these blessings. There is now fourteen church in Palawan.

Thank you prayer partners and supporters. It is only by our partnership with the Lord this is possible.

*Reports were written by Pastor Alagos. 




Our New Jumpal Christian Church

In Banga, Aklan


The nearly completed church building was the site of our pastors and leaders meeting and a Concert Crusade to launch the church.

The church was started by Pastor Willer and Diane Manaras. They were a house church for almost one year. Now they have a church building to gather and worship! Pastor Jojo is constructing the building.

Thank you all for your prayers and support! Thank you, Lord!




Children's Care Center
RRCP Church, “Franks”, Mabasa, Patnongon, Antique



We started the CCC program with wonderful success. Malnourished children who have fallen behind in school are now being tutored and fed.









Dedication of Our Newest Church

Jumpal Christian Church


Today we broke ground & dedicated Jumpal Christian Church RRCP.

Thank you, Pastor Willer Jun Manares for pioneering this new church.

Pastor Dana Williamson interning from Boise Bible lead the dedication prayer.






Hello RRCP Partners,

Lord willing, we will start the Children's Care Center CCC again this April 1, 2017. We have identified another 50 students that are malnourished and severely malnourished that are not doing well in school. The weekend tutoring and nutritious meals feeding program will bring the kids to school level and bring them out of malnourishment. 

The cost of the program including teachers, a nurse, and nutritious

food is $400 per month. 

If you can help financially, please contact me at


Below is the rationale from Pastor Alagos.


Children's Care Center 
RRCP Church, “Franks”, Mabasa, Patnongon, Antique

Proverbs 22:6 (NASB)
“Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it

Childrens’ Care Center Rationale

Looking at the needs of the Children especially in the remote areas, malnourishment is evident and it really affected a lot with their school’s academic performances, and this was noted as the major cause of so many problems in the school and community. With these realities, CCC came to birth on July 2014 to February 2016.

The pilot area was “Franks”, Mabasa and barangay Igbarawan with 48 children and all of them were malnourished and labeled as “pupils at risk” at Igbarawan-Mabasa Elementary School. “Pupils at risk” are children who are nearing for dropping-out, failures, and quitting. CCC program has provided tutorial in English Reading, Mathematics, Values and Health Education and Also 3 meals feeding for Saturday and Sunday.

Along with its years of existence, it transformed the school’s performance in the following Areas:

  • > Out of 86 malnourished children in the school 55 of them became normal in their health
    Status at the end of the school year.
    > Drop out rate of the school drop to zero percent because children were very excited to attend their regular classes Monday to Friday and to their CCC program on Saturday and Sunday.
    > The cohort survival of the school has increased from 83% to98% in all grades.
    > Parents became more involved in school activities.

After CCC experiences, pupils who have undergone CCC classes are very active until now, they were able to raise up their morale or values, very respectful in their teacher and their being self-confident is noted. There were some pupils who are in high school now performs very well and are included among pupils who are in Top ten in their classes.




Children are a precious gift from God, loving them is loving the Lord at the same time because they are the least among his creation. Thank you, Lord, for raising them up to your ways!

Thank you Lord for raising people who could Love and Pray for them! Amen!


Pastor Alejo Alagos, Principal 1

Igbarawan Elementry School



Thank you All!

We have 238 youth sponsored!!!!

You are all a blessing for your prayers and generous donations.





APRIL 27-29, 2017


It’s time again for our annual YOUTH CAMP for RIVER ROCK CHURCH PHILIPPINES.

Kids come to know our lord and lives are changed at YOUTH CAMP.

Thanks to your generous support last year, we hosted nearly 150 youth.

This Year W
e Are Expecting 200 Youth.

We are praying for you to sponsor the youth.

The registration fee per youth is $3.00. This covers the food and venue.

$3.00 PER YOUTH,



***Please let me know if you can be a sponsor, so we can plan ahead – Thank You!






RIVER ROCK CHURCH PHILIPPINES says thank you for your prayers, love, and generous donations to make the ministry to Filipinos possible.

Our mission is to plant New Testament Churches in the remote, isolated areas of  the Philippines, where there is no other Christian Church, which loves their community in Jesus name.

Fulfilling the Great Commission

“Therefore, as you go, disciple people in all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything that I've commanded you. And remember, I am with you each and every day until the end of the age" (Matthew 28:19-20).

Fulfilling the Great Command

“He answered, "You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind. And you must love your neighbor as yourself" (Luke 10:27).

Pastor Steven Ray Bragg

Missionary to the Philippines


Palawan Church Visitation

Pastor Alagos & I visited Palawan churches September 9-12-16.

It was a blessed time! Here are some pics of the visit.






Good News All Around

Good News! Thanks to the generosity of Acts Church, I’ll be able to attend the Winema Week of Missions in Cloverdale, OR.

More Good News! We started the T.E.E. study (Theological Education by Extension). We have 28 pastors, teachers, and teens on the Panay Island in the two-year course. Praise God! Thank you Lord.

Our goal is “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ, until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to mature manhood, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:12, 13). Amen!

Please pray the T.E.E. course will have the same effect for our churches on the Palawan Island. We hope to start the course there soon.

More More God News! We are now fully funded, thanks to the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of PHOENIX FOUNDATION to start construction of the church building for our Barangay Salvacion church, Puerto Princesa, Palawan Philippines.

Your partner in ministry,

Steve Bragg 


Qualities of Church Leadership - The Man of God

First, by way of criticism let me establish a comparison to the Man of God. Many
churches have gone the way of the business model. Formulas for success and copying successful models seems to be the signs of the times. Business models produce a product of large churches. The success models produce the same. Although Biblical education is important, education now has replaced the sold out man of God who is filled with the Living God in his heart and soul. The man of God may be overlooked due his lack of an MA and so on. Books abound on success formulas and models. But what I’m not seeing are books and teachings of the power of service through holiness. Serving by the dedicated life and humility. The man of God serving in, by and through the awesome power of God and His blessings.

So the comparison is the business model produces mega churches via messages and programs geared to produce the product of multitudes of people. The Biblical model would be a man of God humbly but in the power and blessing of God speaking repentance to hearts resulting in multitudes of people hearing and responding to the call of the Gospel unto salvation. (Acts 2:22-47)

One of the interesting introductions I have encountered in the mission field is the “Man of God.” Rather than business and success models, I believe we need a more Biblical model of holy men of God in this day of evil rather than men willing to tickle ears and pursuing the appetites of their own desires and fame. “Whose end is destruction, whose god is their appetite, and whose glory is in their shame, who set their minds on earthly things” (Philippians 3:19).

The “Man of God” leader.
I know many leaders answer the call of God and are willing to drop their nets and follow Jesus Christ. Men willing to lose their lives and then find the power of God serving the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

An interesting study is a term the “man of God” in the Bible. It is mentioned numerous times in the old and New Testaments.
Deu_33:1 Now this is the blessing with which Moses the man of God blessed the sons of Israel before his death.
1Ti_6:11 But flee from these things, you man of God, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, perseverance and gentleness.
1Ti 6:12 Fight the good fight of faith; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called, and you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.
2Ti_3:17 so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.

So number one, we need men of God. Men who have given it all up and continue to give up the world (1 John 2:15ff) to serve their Savior.

Second, are men who love God with all they have and all they are, Luke 10:27. Men who love God so strongly there is room for nothing else. Men who will love His people. Men who are willing to give their all for His people. “Have this attitude in yourselves” (Philippians chapter 2).

Third, and important is men of God filled with the Spirit of God.
Act 5:32 "And we are witnesses of these things; and so is the Holy Spirit, whom God has given to those who obey Him."
Rom_8:9 However, you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. But if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Him.
Rom_8:14 For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.
1Co_2:14 But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them because they are spiritually appraised.

The Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit of God, is not impotent as many would want to believe. He is powerful and active in the lives of God’s men: God’s Church! He is the third person of Elohim, and He is not dead! The Holy Spirit is more than a seal. The apostles and leaders of the early church needed the power of the Holy Spirit so why would we as leaders of His Church today want to deny it. If we preach the Gospel of Jesus, we will need all of God including the power of the Holy Spirit.

Number five is we need men of God who pray. Men who understand that to accomplish the ministry given to us by God, we need to be in continuous communication with Him. Men who follow the simple instruction of our Lord’s example of prayer in Mathew 6 with praise and focusing on His will. When we move in His will, He answers our prayers in even greater ways than we can imagine. When we are in His will and ask to accomplish it, then He goes before us, because His will is providential and insured by Him. If we are in His will, we will see and experience the power of God in the task before us.
1Jn 5:14 This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.
1Jn 5:15 And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests which we have asked from Him.
Act_4:31 And when they had prayed, the place where they had gathered together was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak the word of God with boldness.

Last and most important is this is His Church, not ours. He is responsible for the success of His Church. It does not come from business or success models or education or talented people. It comes from God and Him alone. If we are accomplishing His will of sharing the Gospel unto salvation, then He adds daily. We are simply vessels for His use. If we are His vessels, then we walk confidently in His power and with His blessing. If we are His vessels, then we are His men: the man of God.

The Church comes by the power of The Confession "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God." Because as Jesus said “upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it” Matthew 16:16ff).

Therefore, we are only His servants and not His lords. He is its Savior, and we are not. We are not the leaders of His churches, but men of God in His Church.

His Church was purchased and is guaranteed by His blood and only His.

Act 20:28 "Be on guard for yourselves and for all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He purchased with His own blood.
A good read is Acts 20:17-38.

Church leadership must be men of God: the Lord’s shepherds and leaders in His Church.
For a good comparison and enlightenment for shepherds are first read Ezekiel 34 (bad shepherds) and then John 10:11-18 (The Good Shepherd – good shepherds). (Thank you, Dr. David)

I pray we are not the hired hand, but men of God (a man of God) laying down our lives and sacrificing our lives, all for Jesus and His sheep: His Church.


Steve Bragg



THANK YOU Stop Hunger NowICM – River Rock Church Philippines

We just finished one of our first 28 days feeding program for the moderate to severely malnourished children in Minoro, Padang, Patnongon, Antique Philippines.

The end results were 32 children gained an average of 3.6 kilos or 7.9 pounds. The children’s ages were 1 to 11 years old. Three of the children almost doubled their weight.

Praise God for the increase and blessing!

All of our 28 churches are participating in feeding the malnourished children program. The food is specially formulated by Stop Hunger Now for malnourished children. 




Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and gifts to make this ministry possible! 

Steve Bragg


Fighting Malnutrition

Each of our 28 RRCP churches is starting 28 day feeding program for malnourished children. Each church barangay has selected 42 moderate to severely malnourished children to be fed. They are being fed a specialized diet to bring them out of malnourishment. The food is supplied by ICM (International Care Ministries).

These are pictures of children from Minoro.






Prayer Request

Amazing Ministries

My Dear RRCP Partners,

We have two amazing ministries approaching. Please keep these in your prayers.

1. Our National Youth Camp 2016 held this April 28-30. Thanks to your generosity, our youth will attend for free. Their registration is to memorize one of our theme verses. The theme is BE HOLY. The theme scripture is 1 Peter 1:13-19. Pastor Tony Williamson will be our honored guest speaker. We are anticipating 200 youth. Please pray our youth will be moved to a greater commitment to our Lord.

2. Malnutrition Feeding Program. As you know, our churches are in the remote areas of the Philippines where malnutrition is high. We have experience as much as 69% moderate to severe malnutrition in some communities. Thanks again to you we have a weekly feeding program in 12 of our 27 churches. This is a huge blessing. We have been praying how to do more. Hungry children weigh heavy on my heart.

Recently we were introduced to ICM International Care Ministry http://www.caremin.com/. Along with many other programs to help the poor and hungry they have developed food packs formulated for malnourished children. ICM is supplying enough food packs to feed 42 children from each of our 29 churches daily for one month. This daily one-month feeding will elevate most children out of the moderate to severely malnourished category – PRAISE GOD!

Our goal is to work with each local community (Barangay) government to implement the daily feeding program. We are praying this will also help the relationship of the RRCP 29 churches and the communities they serve.

Our ministry is to feed 1,218 children 34,104 meals over a 28 day period.


Please pray the enemy will be defeated in his attempt to disrupt this ministry. Lord willing we will start the feeding program May 11, 2016.



Happy Resurrection Sunday Sunrise Service

Held at our Padang House Church @ Villa Alma Resort



RRCP 7Last Word of Jesus Celebration

Held at our new House Church at Barangay Salaguiawan, Patnongon, Antique on

March 25, 2016 @ 1PM. Thank You Lord! 






Thank you everyone ~ You are awesome




Sponsor A Youth for Camp for Only $3

Hello RRCP Partners,

Youth Camp is coming up April 28-30. Last year’s youth camp was exciting with nearly 150 youth. This year we are expecting more.

Pastor Tony Williamson and his son Pastor Josh Williamson will be our guest speakers.

The individual youth fee is 150 pesos or $3.00 US. It includes their room and food for three days. For many of our youth, this is their families daily wage or more.

We are looking for sponsors for our youth to go to camp.

At $3 per youth, maybe you could sponsor 10 – 20 or more youth?

If you would like to sponsor a youth, please email me at:

steve@riverrockchurchphilippines.com   or steve.bragg123@gmail.com  so I can designate the funds.

Thank you for the blessings!

Your partner in ministry.

Steve Bragg

Youth Camp 2015 Pictures

See youtube Video of Youth Camp 2015 on this link:




Teach A Man to Fish Project

In the year 2016, we are shifting our focus from constructing church buildings to EDUCATION and FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE through LIVELIHOOD PROJECTS.

Although, we hope to construct two more church buildings this year through our current foundations. Last year independent donors were able to contribute nearly $23,000 to construct church buildings. Thank you, to you all! Thank you, Lord! I pray we can shift your donations this year to our 2016 focus.

Our goal here in the Philippines is to one day be self-supporting. Other churches here in the Philippines are in the larger cities where one can teach people how to support a pastor and his family, and people of resource and faith mature, and the church becomes self-supporting.

Unfortunately, this is not possible for us. Our churches are in remote areas where poverty is extreme. If their giving is 50 to 70 pesos in a month we consider this good. Malnourishment among children in these areas can be as high as 70%. This is why we are always looking for ways to develop livelihood projects for our pastors. Currently, our pastors are supported by individual donors and a generous monthly donation from River Rock Church USA.

A few of our pastors are in areas where they can find work to augment their monthly allowance from RRCP, but most cannot. The support you all are providing is helpful, but not enough in itself to provide full income. The pastors need to earn additional income to support their families.

Recently, I was introduced to several livelihood programs, such as the one I will introduce here, by another missionary who has been here 30 years. These programs are working for their pastors.

Can You Help Invest in A Livelihood Program?
Here Are Two Pastors That Need This Help Most.

1. Pastor June Willer, wife Diane and the two boys. They pastor Victory Christian Church in Sugnod, Malinao, Aklan on the island of Panay.

2. Pastor Larry Laureano and wife Judy. They Pastor Christ's Church Transformation Center RRCP and also Candelaria House Church in Tagumpay, Roxas on the island of Palawan.

Here is a Livelihood Program That Can Help Them.

Egg Production Livelihood Project

This livelihood program is egg production. One egg machine houses 48 chickens that produce 48 eggs per day. The profit on each egg is approximately 1.5 pesos. These are special hens that lay medium to large eggs 7 days per week.

Eight egg machines should produce 384 eggs per day at 1.5 pesos per egg or 576 pesos per day resulting in 17,280 pesos per month less investment payback of 15%. The net profit will be 14,688 pesos per month. 15% of every livelihood project will be held in reserve for other livelihood projects.

The Net Result for The Pastor Is 450 Pesos Per Day.
A Skilled Laborer Earns 400 Pesos Per Day.

Here’s How We Do It!

Building the Egg Machine that houses 48 chickens
       A trainer will teach Pastor Jojo how to build the machine so we will cut cost by      building our own egg machines

      We will travel to an egg production site on the island of Negros.

Egg Project Estimated Expenses

  • Travel and Training                                                         $325
  • Chicken House Construction                                             $435
  • 8 egg machines @ $217 ea. (labor and materials)              $1,736
  • 384 hens @ $10.33 ea. (Includes shipping)                       $3,967
  •                                                                        Total       $6,463

Thank you all for your generosity and support through the years. Together we are saving souls for eternity, healing broken families and relationships and communities are being transformed.




You are all big blessings for the Filipino people.

Your partner in this ministry.

Steve Bragg

"The elders who rule well are to be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching.
For the Scripture says, "YOU SHALL NOT MUZZLE THE OX WHILE HE IS THRESHING," and "The laborer is worthy of his wages" (1 Timothy 517-18).


I just won a Christian Author Award – Thank you, Lord!


You can order the book here: http://www.xulonpress.com/bookstore/bookdetail.php?PB_ISBN=9781498427968


How to Help

My dear RRCP Partners,

2015 was a rewarding year. There where nearly 7o baptisms. We started four new house churches and constructed three new church buildings. Two more church buildings were funded in 2015 and their construction starts next week. PRAISE GOD! All this could not be possible without your generosity and prayers. Truly you are partners in the Filipino ministry.

How to Help

My friends our monthly giving has dropped, and we are looking at canceling some of our feeding programs. We also have no general funds at this time for ministry needs.

We are praying that if you have not helped financially before that, you may be able to help now. Maybe some can give a one-time gift to help. If you are giving now, maybe you can help a little more. Maybe you have friends that would like to partner with us.

Our Lord has always been faithful to supply our needs. His faithfulness comes from our sensitivity to hear His voice and His moving of our hearts. Thank you, Lord!

One other need is our annual Youth Camp in April. Our students come from very remote places where poverty is great. We will need to help the cost of the venue and food and transportation of the youth.


We are looking at lively-hood programs for our pastors and also a Bible Study extension course will be implemented this year. Please keep these in your prayers.

Thank you for you love and partnership.
Steve Bragg



We Serve an Amazing God!


Churches with Building and Parsonage

1. Grace Chapel RRCP - Dacutan, Patnongon, Antique - Pastor Gaudencio Valdez Jr. (JoJo) and wife Conception (JiJi)
2. Tabernacle of Praise Christian Center RRCP - Igbarawan, Patnongon, Antique - Pastor Alejo F. Alagos – Funded by Shepherds of the Savior
3. Hill of Zion RRCP - Macarina, Patnongon, Antique - Pastor Norberto Ruela (JayR)
4. Jabez House of Prayer RRCP - Esparar, Barbaza, Antique - Pastor Gaudencio Valdez Jr. (JoJo) and Conception (JiJi)
5. Franks/Mabasa River Rock Church Philippines - Franks/Mabasa Patnongon, Antique - Alejo F. Alagos and wife Edna
6. Mount Horeb River Rock Church Philippines - Magarang, Patnongon, Antique - Elder Alejandro D. Dongon
7. Victory Christian Church Sugnod RRCP - Sugnod, Malinoa, Aklan - Pastor Willer Jun and wife Diane Manares.
8. River Rock Church Philippines Anini-y - Magdalena, Anini-y, Antique - Pastor Antonio Lachica Jr. and wife Teodora
9. RRCP Victory Christian Church Durog Barangbang – Pastor Antonio Lachica Jr. and wife Teodora
10. Victory Christian Church San Rimigio - Iguirindon, San Rimigio, Antique - Pastor Samuel Jacob

House Churches

11. Calapadan House Church – Calapadan, Barbaza - Pastor Gaudencio Valdez Jr. (JoJo) Barangay
12. Padang House Church – Padang, Patnongon, Antique – Pastor Gaudencio Valdez Jr. (JoJo)
13. Salaguian House Church – Salaguian, Patnongon - Pastor Norberto Ruela (JayR)


Churches with Building and Parsonage

14. River Rock Church Philippines Santa Lourdes - Santa Lourdes, Puerto Princesa, Palawan - Pastor Stephen V. and wife Sarah Mahusay
15. Christ's Church Transformation Center RRCP - Tagumpay, Roxas, Palawan - Pastor Larry Laureano and wife Judy
16. RRCP Tribal Church at Sitio Dahondahon, Brgy. Buenavista, Puerto Princesa, Palawan Tribes of Agutaynon, Batac, and Tagbanua. Pastor Oab of the Sabang Tribe.
17. Maranat House Church, Maranat, Bacongan, Puerto Princesa – Pastor Stephen V. and wife Sarah Mahusay

House Churches

18. Candelaria House Church - Candelaria, Tagumpay, Roxas, Palawan - Pastor Larry Laureano
19. Villa Mercedes House Church, Puerto Princesa, Palawan - Pastor Stephen V. and wife Sarah Mahusay
20. Little Caramay House Church – Roxas, Palawan – Pastor Larry Laureano and wife Judy
21. Upper Santa Lourdes House Church – Santa Lourdes, Puerto Princesa, Palawan – Brother Mark supervised by Pastor Stephen Mahusay
22. Salvation House Church - Santa Fe, Puerto Princesa, Palawan - Pastors Prodencial Alagos & Pastor Tony
23. Pagbinit House Church – Pagbinit, Puerto Princesa, Palawan - Pastor Oab of the Sabang Tribe

Tribal House Churches

24. Madahon House Church, Puerto Princesa – Tribes of Agutaynon, Batac, and Tagbanua – Pastor Pordencio
25. Maryogon House Church - Maryogon, Puerto Princesa, Palawan – Cuyonin Tribe - Pastor Pordencio Alagos
26. Bahili House church - Bahili, Puerto Princesa – Agutaynin Tribe - Pastor Purdencio Alagos
27. Manalo House Puerto Princesa - Pastor Stephen V. and wife Sarah Mahusay Church, Manalo,

River Rock Church Philippines

Year-End Report 2015


Greetings to all who follow and support River Rock Church Philippines and our ministry to Filipinos.

Thank you so very much for your prayers and financial support this year. Our Lord has blessed our partnership for this mission and ministry to Filipinos.

We also pray you will consider supporting and continue to support us in 2016. Together with our Lord Jesus blessing, we will start many churches, multitudes will be saved, and families and lives will be restored and blessed, we pray.

This has been a productive year! Thank you, Lord!

• We now have a total of 24 RRCP churches. We are fourteen churches with church buildings and ten house churches. These churches have grown to a weekly combined attendance of 1,200 plus. Thank you, Lord!

• We built three new church buildings for River Rock Church Anin-y, Maranat Christian Center and Hill of Zion. The donors were Shepherds of the Savior, FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of PHOENIX FOUNDATION and donors from River Rock Church USA.

• Two more church buildings for Barangbang and Maryogon are fully funded waiting for the completion of land registration. The donors for these two churches are RRC donors and Shepherds for the Savior.

• RRCP Fourth Annual National Convention was a success. Pastor Tony Williamson was our guest speaker. Tony is loved by all!

• Thirteen weekly feeding programs for malnourished children.

• Our CCC (Children’s Care Center) to tutor and feed 68 elementary schoolchildren most in need is a success. These children are classified as “severely malnourished” who are behind in school. The elementary teachers have noted a remarked improvement in health, academics and behavior with the children.

• Our ten churches on the island of Palawan have become a region. Pastor Stephen Mahusay is promoted to manage the Palawan Churches.

• Our fourteen churches on the island Panay are also a region with Pastor Gaudencio Valdez Jr. (JoJo) managing.

• As I visit our churches, I’m hearing barangay captains claim the overall blessings have increased for their communities, sicknesses are less, crops are greater, families are healed, and our Lord Jesus is providing many miraculous physical healings. OUR LORD IS INDEED FAITHFUL!

• Fruit of our Labor in the Lord 70 baptisms.

Personal Note

Juliana, Steven and I are well. We are happy and blessed. I gained too much weight while in the USA. I’m dieting now with some success. We hosted Pastor Tony Williams during our Fourth Annual Convention the first two weeks of November. Also the Hounshell family visited us the first two weeks of December. We were all blessings to each other!

We are hoping more people will visit and see what our Lord is doing here in 2016.

Thank You to Our Sponsors and Donors

• River Rock Church – Camas, WA.
• Individual donors from River Rock Church
• Grace Chapel - RRCP Partners
• Imbler Christian Church - Imbler, OR.
• Christ Church of the Valley - Phoenix, AZ.
• Filipino-American Faith Baptist Church – Houston, TX.
• Shepherds for the Savior
• Nancy Elizabeth Landahl Memorial Fund
• International Disaster Emergency Service, Inc. I.D.E.S.
• Ted-Dee Bear Septic

This ministry is a partnership of you all who support us with prayers and donations and those of us here who are the hands and feet of your blessings. Thank you, Lord, we know that those who give and those who work can do nothing without the blessing from You Lord to all of us to make it all possible. Amen!

How to Support RRCP

ONLINE DONATIONS: http://www.river-rock.org/giving.html 
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“The King will answer and say to them,
‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’

(Matthew 25:45).



The Miracle at Calapadan

August 19, 2015

I’m Pastor Steve Bragg, a missionary, serving our Lord in the Philippines. We build new churches in remote areas. We currently have 24 churches in these communities. Our Lord has blessed us in wonderful ways as we defeat strongholds and as the Lord manifests His blessings in the people. The barangay of Calapadan is one such story.

About six months ago, we started a house church in the mountain community of Calapadan. It is a remote community, previously held by the New People’s Army (NPA). The NPA was an active rebel force, especially during the 1980s and 1990s. Calapadan can potentially be a dangerous place to visit. However, our very own Pastor Jojo is from this area, and we have been given permission and even protection to enter. Because we have shown our love to the people through feeding and clothing programs and have given aid during Typhoon Yolanda, the NPA have announced that we have the same goal: to help the people. Most importantly, many have received the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The Miracle
On our last trip to Calapadan, we stopped at the barangay captain’s home, which was eight kilometers away from a paved road. It can only be reached by motorcycle and, then, by foot. After a long narrow path, there are seventy-two cement steps up to the first level. Then after a little walk, the view of the breathtaking and easily-protected valley opens up. The valley is a green rice-land. The surrounding mountains are full of banana and coconut trees and various kinds of root crops. Families also raise chickens and pigs.

It is at this first level where I met the captain of Calapadan and his family. They live in a modest bamboo home. Each barangay, or rural community, is governed by a captain and council members. The captain’s home is here. He has seven children, typical of a Filipino family. We were immediately greeted by the captain’s daughter, Bebe. She was a beautiful, smiling and articulate young lady. She spoke English well. As we talked, it became obvious that she was educated. She had just finished college in Manila and received a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I was so happy that she would be likely to get a well-paying job and help her family. This is the custom. Families sacrifice greatly to give their children an education. If the children do well, then most likely they will help their family.

Well, when Bebe went to Manila to start working, she had to undergo a medical exam. They discovered she has rheumatic heart disease (RHD). She was sent home. All her hard work, and all the family’s sacrifice and hopes, were for nothing. RHD is curable, but it requires a year or so of expensive medication. Bebe and her family cannot afford the medication.

Most Filipinos have little to no access to health care or medicine. Often, while their illnesses can be diagnosed by a clinic, they have no money for medication. Even simple colds can turn into pneumonia without medication and be fatal.

So we prayed, Pastor Jojo for the family, and I for healing. I knew there was something about Bebe that was different. My prayer for healing felt different. I felt an amazing closeness to God and her.

Well, rainy season soon set in. Calapadan is almost always impossible to reach during the rainy season. We heard reports of Bebe walking to a nearby town. RHD would prevent her from walking any distances. We heard rumors only. We guessed that maybe she had found a way to get the medications needed. Often, I would ask Pastor Jojo if he was able to visit Calapadan or if he had heard more about Bebe.

Then yesterday, we received a call from Pastor Jojo. He had been to Calapadan. Our Lord had healed Bebe. She had an immediate healing. None of us knew. She suspected her healing and had reapplied for a job in Manila. The same clinic that had examined her before now said there was no sign that she had ever been sick. Not a trace! She was cleared to work, and she is now working at the IT department of Petron Corp!

We serve an awesome God! All praise and honor go to our Lord Jesus!

Thank you, Lord Jesus!


Blessed May & June 2015


Construction of our Hill of Zion Church in Macarina, Patnongon Antique



Breaking Ground to Construct our new RRCP in Maranat, Palawan


Our First Worship Service for Padang, Patnogon Antique




New Children's Feeding Program for Minoro, Apgahan Patnongon Antique



Preparations for a new church building at Maryugon 


Palawan Regional Leadership Meeting




                Thank you Lord!




Birth of a New Church in Padang 

This is the beginning of our new church, we pray and Lord willing. We will start with twice a month feeding of children and worship service. Please pray for this new church in Jesus name.

We started the church by caring for its people. Poverty and malnutrition are great where we start our churches. Noodles, vegetables and chicken are the menu for today.





Can you help us with these children's feeding programs? $50 per month feeds children weekly for each church.

Any monthly commitment will be greatly appreciated and used for the glory of God. 

Donations: http://www.river-rock.org/giving.html 

***Or see the how to help tab above.

Thank you and blessings!

Pastor Steve Bragg


Victory Christian Church Is Growing

Just recently we added a new pastor and family to our Victory Christian Church Sugnod in , Malinao, Aklan. Pastor Willer Jun, wife Dianne Manares and their two young boys.


Since that time the Sugnod church has grown and grown. Weekly I get reports of new studies, new members and baptisms.
In the past two weeks they have baptized 12 people – praise God!



My New Book

GET UP! God Is Not Finished With YOU!


Pastor Steven Ray Bragg

ISBN: 9781498427968

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"I believe it is a good time for such a message. For some it may spell all the difference between hope and despair. There are those who speak easily of stumbling and recovery and others who sternly bar the door against the recovery of full fellowship, complete trust and a genuine new beginning. … Who can tell the power of the cross better than one who has been driven there because they had nowhere else to go? Who can tell of homecoming and the kindness shown by the Father to the returning son? It's time they came home!" 

Brian Thompson

"Bragg says that God ultimately pulled him from living a life in sin and saved him out of his rebellion, thus restoring him completely to his ministry, now stationed in the Philippines. He hopes to encourage others who may be in the same struggle he once found himself. Bragg believes whole-heartedly that it is none other than the Lord God Almighty, through the power of the Holy Spirit who loves, rescues, and restores us from our fall." 

Xulon Press



Pastor Kelly Backstrom Visiting from the USA

We visited 21 of our 24 churches in the Philippines in 15 days. Whew


We traveled 1,600 kilometers across the Philippines to our remote churches. Kelly traveled an additional 25,000 km by air and nearly 70 hours including layovers.

Many of the churches are only available by footpath, walking up steep hills, crossing rivers with no bridges.

We were all blessed.



















By Pastor Steve Bragg

"When they saw us coming they had hope."

As a missionary serving in remote areas of the Philippines, we often travel to minister to our flock. On this day, we went to pray for a family that had a miscarriage in the seventh month. The baby was a boy. Two of our Grace Chapel youth were from this family. Just a few days before, these two youth were recipients of clothes and school supplies sent from our home church in the USA.

It was rainy season. We walked into the mountainous part of Dacutan, where Grace Chapel is. My wife Juliana, six of our Grace Chapel ladies and Pastor JoJo and I went to pray for them and give a love offering. Our travel was a muddy footpath, wading across a river, and walking an old bamboo hanging bridge. The mud path had sugarcane stalks and sticks covering it so our feet would not sink too deep. I'd seen school children come from this area carrying their shoes to keep the mud from them.

As we walked the path to their home, many people joined us. Some of the community members and the family said that when they saw us coming they had hope. We finally arrived at the bamboo home. You could see easily through the walls, and it was leaning and in need of repair.

A few of us stepped inside. The mother was sitting on the floor, very weak. The mother’s eyes were full of tears at our sight. Beside her was a cardboard box with a dead child wrapped in a blanket inside. His small face was showing. Near the box, on the floor, was a single small candle lit as a symbol of mourning. The father was off digging the grave at the local public cemetery. The ladies were quick to make sure the mother was okay, offer words of sympathy and check to see that she and the children were safe. The family had no money for a doctor or medicine. We prayed for her health.

I observed several of the children were malnourished. Four of their children come to Grace Chapel feeding program on Saturdays. Sometimes they show up at our home, and we feed them.

The mother was 38, and this was her 10th child. The father helped deliver the already dead baby. He had to push the baby out. If he had not been brave, maybe the mother would have died in the delivery. We prayed she would have no infection. Pastor JoJo offered a prayer of healing and comfort. The ladies continued to speak with the mother and tried to help with the words from their hearts.

As I walked home, my thoughts were about how blessed my family and I were. I thanked God for our health, our home, and the means He has given us to care for ourselves and others.

Also in my heart I was trying to understand the helplessness they must feel. It was their daily life. The Filipinos are an enduring people. When I see the children they are smiling, clean and well mannered.

Oh Lord, help us to bring hope and love to the Filipino people wherever You establish us.

Post Script

The mother went to the medical clinic. They used our love offering for medication. She is now in good health. Thank you Lord!

The oldest of their children a teenage girl, Hanie, has since come to live with us. She is a blessing to my wife helping around the house. With money she earns from us she can continue in school and help her family.

There are too many like this in the Philippines. I’ve been told 30% of Filipino children are malnourished.

There is so very much more we can do.

“For I testify that according to their ability, and beyond their ability, they gave of their own accord,

begging us with much urging for the favor of participation in the support of the saints” (2Corinthians 8:3,4)  

            Thank you for your generosity and love.

            Your partner in ministry,

            Pastor Steven Ray Bragg



 Fruits of Our Labor

December 15, 2013 Yolanda Aid to Barangay Esparar, Barbaza, Antique, Philippines

Today we baptized eight people from Barangay Esparar, thank you Lord!

Thank you to I.D.E.S. we are in the process of repairing 5 homes badly damage from Typhoon Yolanda in Barangay Esparar. This church is more than one year old in a remote area. Most of the homes are made of bamboo and they did not fare well.

Through the blessings of I.D.E.S. this week we will feed 46 families 40 pounds of rice each in Esparar or approximately 322 people.


Sponsored by River Rock Church